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Unlike the three regimes that preceded it during the last hundred years, the current Ethiopian government is attempting to revise its boundary with Eritrea in violation of international law. The government of Ethiopia has published new maps to justify its annexation of land from inside Eritrea's territory. The new map of Ethiopia, including the territories annexed from Eritrea, are prominently displayed in the new bank notes the National Bank of Ethiopia issued in November of 1997.

Despite the fact that colonial boundaries are the basis of international borders amongst African States as agreed by all OAU (Organization of African Unity) members, the Ethiopian authorities, in flagrant violation of both OAU and UN charters, are leading the region and Eritrea into a violent confrontation. If the Ethiopian authorities have confidence in a rightful claim to Eritrean land, they should be prepared to accept a peaceful path to solving their grievances in the presence of international mediators.

It should be remembered that Eritrea had fought for 30 long years to gain its independence after it was illegally annexed by Ethiopia in 1962. Ethiopians should understand that Eritrea is now a nation that would like to live in peace. Unfortunately, in a shameless, deceitful evil act, the current Ethiopian authorities have even allied with the very Ethiopian elements who never recognized Eritrean independence. The current border crisis between Eritrea and Ethiopia has to be seen from this context. To anyone who has been following Ethiopian trends, this current border clash is only a cover up for Ethiopia's ambition to re-occupy Eritrea.

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