News Editorial
No Article of the Algiers Agreement spells out that “the decision could be settled through dialogue”
By: Shabait Staff
October 7, 2003

At a time when the regime in Ethiopia is threatening to unleash war, it is also pleading for dialogue with Eritrea.

Article 4.15 of the Algiers Agreement explicitly states that the decision is final and binding. Once a decision is passed, the next step would naturally be the implementation of the decision.

Therefore, the idea of dialogue is utterly unthinkable and unacceptable as a concept as far as Eritrea is concerned. The Algiers Agreement vividly spells out that the necessary embargo and strict measures based on Chapter VII of the UN Charter should be imposed against any party that violates the agreement. It does not imply in any part of the agreement that the two parties are entitled to go in a vicious circle and return to dialogue.