A Frantic Clique on the Verge of a Great Fall

Posted by Shabait Staff on Oct 5, 2003, 20:36

Perspectives that alter like the days in the year's calendar have yet again dominated the platform's atmosphere characterized by internal turbulence and severe instability due to lack of self-confidence and with none other than the scandalous regime in Ethiopia standing in the spotlight. Such an unstable and traumatized state of mind of the TPLF clique is identifiable by taking a simple look at the recurring juvenile blunders and amendments of policies and ideologies that the regime continues to make around the clock.

Coming to power with a stillborn political objective and lack of any solid vision, this has been one regime that definitely fell short of any sense of direction when it came to fill up the power vacuum in Addis Ababa and administer a people whose experience of life had been marked by waves after waves of conflicts and tribulations for the people of Ethiopia. Bearing an inerasable history of bizarre failures and archaic political summersaults to its credit, the regime in Ethiopia with its ridiculously self-imposed doubt has never failed to play down its politics of ethnicity by crying out to the public that they are disparaged in pursuit of its ploy to weaken opposition from the Ethiopian public. The regime however suffered the boomerang effect of its own deeds with its juvenile politics backfiring at it and failing to meet the regime's ambitions all together. As far as economic policies are concerned, it only targets the clique's self-centered interests, consequently drowning Ethiopia in its worst nightmare of backwardness and poverty.

As a result of its insolvency and incapacity, the regime is cracking up like an amoeba that goes through the different stages of cell division, taking the country down with it along the path of disintegration, which is why at this level, a lot of mystifying events are expected to take form. Someone standing on the edge of a cliff or on the verge of drowning in deep waters will take any chance to grab anything and everything within reach. "A frantic clique on the verge of a great fall," best describes the regime's situation.

Chances that the regime could escape this collapse are as high as zero percent. However, a frantic and unstable mind lacks the prospect and capacity to comprehend this basic fact. The regime's only dream is to make it out of this turmoil through some miracle.

Hovering over the edge of history's trivia, the regime will try to grab hold of anything and everything within reach to avoid the catastrophe, while it continues to witness the countdown towards losing its grip of power. It would therefore not come as a surprise when the regime targets Eritrea as its sole option to survival. The regime's predecessors had embarked on the very same path during their reign, and such a choice had never saved them from experiencing a humiliating fall. Today's regime is engaged in a political prostitution as it falls under the feet of groups, which only recently were not worthy of sealing partnerships with by the regime. But all that has changed now. The regime can care less if it has to barter its soul with the devil as long as such a deal could bail it out from the predicaments of paradoxical objectives it holds over Eritrea. Eritrea has nevertheless been anything but a savior for regimes with such intentions. If anything, Eritrea was usually the vital ingredient in the acceleration of the fall of Ethiopia's rulers.

So when the regime declares by way of its prime minister that it refuses to honor the legitimacy of the boundary commission's decision and opts to stick to its hostility, such a stance is not a show of might and confidence but rather an expression of its weaknesses and desperation. Never before has the world ever come across a regime that naively sticks to its disobedience to the rule of law after signing an agreement recognized as final and binding. Did the regime think even for a second that Ethiopia's people would be proud of the regime's accomplishments, or lack of any, and that they would be blessed with public support for refusing the accept and abide by the agreement? Or even better, the regime must have probably prayed for the people of Ethiopia to save it from the elevated cliff up ahead. It should, therefore, not come as a surprise when all efforts of desperation to avoid a catastrophe all the more expedite the fall of the regime that is suffering from a chronic mental disability and despondency.