Ethiopia's Deception and Scare Tactics
By: Sophia Tesfamariam
Oct 1, 2003


Pacta sunt servanda Mr. Prime Minister! No I am not cursing.that phrase means that "pacts or treaties signed have to be honored/respected". It is the Latin term for the understanding that treaties are binding on the parties signing, and it is to be held in good faith by the consenting states. It is also the basic priniciple of international law, an understanding expressly stated in Article 2(2) of the United Nations Charter.

I read the insulting and contradictory three page letter written by Melles Zenawi, the Prime Minister of the minority regime in Ethiopia, sent to the United Nation Security Council. I can't say I am surprised at all; it is typical of this rogue minority regime in Ethiopia to blame everything on everyone else except itself. Ever since its invasion of sovereign Eritrean territories, this deceptive, lying mentality has been the mark of this expansionist apartheid regime in Addis.

The "crisis" that Melles writes about is of his own making and of his own wishful imagination. If the demarcation is delayed, it is because he has refused to abide by the final and binding Eritrea Ethiopia Border Commission (EEBC) decision. It is therefore disingenuous for the Tigrayan Prime Minister to now try and blame his political problems on the EEBC.

The international community can now see the regime in Addis for what it is; an arrogant expansionist minority regime that cannot abide by the rule of law unless it gets what it wants. It has to be forced to respect and fulfill its legal obligations and international law. The EEBC has delivered its final and binding verdict. Eritrea has fully accepted the final and binding decision and is awaiting patiently for the speedy demarcation of the border. Ethiopia has rejected the UN Security Council endorsed final and binding decision. It is high time that the international community considers the plight of the Eritrean and Ethiopian people who are victims of the Tigrayan led war-mongering regime in Ethiopia.

Defying the Rule of Law and manifesting the highest form of arrogance, with the mentality of "might is right" the regime in Ethiopia has resorted to diversionary and scare tactics. In spite of Ethiopia's dependency on international aid and with over 15 million starving people to feed, Melles has written a threatening letter to Kofi Annan saying that:

"It is unimaginable for the Ethiopian people to accept such a blatant miscarriage of justice. The decision is thus a recipe for continued instability, and even recurring wars.As the Commission's decisions could inevitably lead the two countries into another round of fratricidal war, the Security Council has an obligation, arising out of the UN Charter, to avert such a threat to regional peace and stability."

He has also instructed his Tigrayan agents and other mercenaries to hold protest rallies and write petitions against the final and binding decision of the Border Commission.
Moreover, under the pretext of humanitarian and political concern he is disseminating more lies and deceptions through his million dollar lobby group. As a result of Melles' scare tactics and deceptive campaigns, we are witnessing some individuals who have started saying that:

"We have to help Melles"

"Melles has accepted the final and binding decision, but he has pressure from his people"

"We have to find him a way out"

"Ethiopia is a big country of 60 million, we do not want to it to be another Somalia"

"There is no viable alternative force in Ethiopia"

"Creative method must be crafted to break the deadlock"

"Demarcation alone will not bring lasting peace.dialogue must start between the two parties" etc. etc.

Even though these individuals have been taken for a ride by Melles, the truth of the matter is that Melles will never be overthrown nor will Ethiopia disintegrate because of the expeditious demarcation of the common border. However, if the border is not expeditiously demarcated in accordance with the final and binding decision, the resumption of war, the fall of the Melles and the Somalization (disintegration) of Ethiopia is highly probable.

It is important that the international community stops entertaining Melles' diversionary and scare tactics and instead takes all necessary appropriate measures. They must categorically reject Melles' blackmail, deception and scare tactics and invoke Chapter VII. The Algiers Agreement spells out clearly what must be done by the UN Security Council if any of the two parties refuse to comply. Article 14 of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement states:

".the OAU and the UN Commit themselves to guarantee the respect for this commitment of the parties. This guarantee shall be comprised of measures to be taken by the international community should one or both parties violate this commitment, including appropriate measures to be taken under Chapter 7 of the Charter of the United Nations by the Security Council".

Just for the record, if Melles' regime falls, it will be because of :

. The ethnic based policy of his regime
. Rampant corruption
. Chronic famine
. High level of HIV-Aids Infection
. Abysmal human rights record
. Appalling poverty level
. Contempt for international laws
. The regime's expansionist policy

Again, the Rule of Law must prevail over the rule of the jungle!

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