Adem Berhan
March 17, 2003

The UNMEE peacekeepers patrolling the Temporary Security Zone(TSZ) along the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia will hopefully sooner or for sure later have to leave at the end of their mission and thereafter the task of securing the territory will be automatically and permanently resumed by the rightful owner country. Notwithstanding the foreseeable sporadic incidents of land mine explosions which on several occasions have been sadly fatal, the UNMEE's mission is by and large to be recognized as a rarely successful one considering the many failed UN missions elsewhere in the world.

As we move into the demarcation phase, however, deliberate attempts are being made by the Ethiopian regime in a bid to torpedo the peace process. There have been disturbing reports of fresh land mines being planted inside the Security Zone ostensibly by agents of the Ethiopian regime. The Ethiopian government's top officials starting with the Prime Minister are openly demanding that adjustments be made to the final and binding rulings made by the Border Commission.

In the mean time, the main beneficiaries of the peace process, the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia, are anxiously awaiting the end of the demarcation process so that they can move on with their lives which are already marred by drought and other calamities. The people are echoeing their loud and clear voices of opposition to the futile and wanton behavior of the Ethiopian regime. The international community and particularly the guarantors of the peace agreement are once again being asked to be firm in dealing with the Ethiopian regime as it tries to sabotage the demarcation process.

One way to reward the complaisant party, Eritrea, is to punish the wrongdoer, the Ethiopian regime. Eritrea's stance before, during and after the border conflict has been consistent as proven by its actions and incessant call for a peaceful and legal solution of the conflict. The international community has an obligation to right the wrong done on the peaceloving people of Eritrea and Ethiopia as a result of the bellicose and arrogant nature of the Ethiopian regime.

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