Analyses of Meles Zenawis three-page-six-point-letter
Teclu Tesfazghi
July 26, 2003

Legally, the letter is moot. The letter is irrelevant as it is outside the scope of the Algiers Agreement. This double-talking-letter is disreputable-work-product. He violated, and breached his own Pledge/Agreement that he singed in a broad day light, and the presence of prominent-world-mediators and witnesses.

Politically, it appears that Meles launched his-six-points to appease his constituents, while frustrating the Eritrean Government, and its supporters. He is telling his constituents, such as the Amhara, sell-out-Eritreans, and his budget-subsidizers that he can manipulate any organization including the UN, EU, AU, and the US Congress.

Meles Zenawi’s double-talking-letter is scandalous. In April 2002, Meles together with foreign minister praised the decision of the Boundary Commission. Now, he says that the work of the Commision is in terminal crises, and seeks alternative decree from the UN, at a time, when the UN/World Community agrees with Eritrea, the fact that, the verdict of the Commision is FAIR AND JUST.

Obviously, Meles’ intention is to delay the border-demarcation until there is a change of regime in the White House, from President Bush to Clinton-alike-Democratic-President, because, of his nightmare stemmed from his acceding with President Bush Sr’s approval for Eritrean Referendum in 1991, that Meles accepted. The PM knows that President Bush Jr. has favored an expedited-demarcation in 2003, in as much as the World Community does.

The record is self-evident, during 1998-2000 border war; the Clinton Administration sided with Ethiopia against Eritrea, and that corroboration was paramount of reversing of the 1993-Eritrean-Referendum that the Bush Administration endorsed in 1991, that Meles acceded with in London. For that reason, the Amhara-Meles, desperately, are lobbying very hard through out USA, for the next-Clinton-alike-President, in part, to help them in abolishing Eritrean sovereignty, or in part, to reverse the 1993-Eritrean-Referendum.

The spirit of Meles Zenawi’s letter is heinous. It is outrageous letter. The PM is irritating, and annoying his financial supporters and international institutions including the UN, EU, AU, and the US Congress. Evidently, Meles Zenawi’s three-page-six-point-letter is testing the collective-will of the World Community.

Again, then again, the Eritrean public has no illusions with Meles’ tactics or his manipulation of legal processes. Whether, delayed or expedited, the Eritrean people have the willpower to persevere with such games. The Eritrean people endured three decades of armed struggle for self-determined Eritrean sovereignty, and now, they are prepared to stay the legal-course to achieve victorious demarcation of Eritrean border with Ethiopia.

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