Badme and the Ethiopian Regime’s Act of Aggression
Shabait Commentary
July 24, 2003

The Ethiopian regime, which set out for no other purpose but to intimidate and violate Eritrea’s sovereignty by declaring war under the pretext of a border issue lacked any legal or historical evidences that could support its unjustifiable cause. Left with no other choice, the regime resorted to the fabrication of endless lies, hoping that by disseminating outright lies and embarking on a campaign of misinformation they could have a chance to bend the truth. By promoting outdated ethnic-driven propaganda, the regime in Ethiopia tried to use every dirty trick to primarily deceive the Ethiopian public, which they belittle and label as ‘ignorant’ and the international community.

Back then, the regime’s prime minister was heard on Ethiopian media outlets shamelessly saying, “I can affirm to you and without any doubt that Badme is one hundred percent part of Ethiopia and final outcomes will prove nothing else but that.” The efforts that followed as the regime’s foreign minister and all remaining members of its political staff took their turns to appear on the media to tell their fairy tales in a bid to transform blatant lies into the truth and deceive the people of Ethiopia and the international community had not been easy.

Speaking to local reporters back then, President Isaias has said in response to a question put forward as to what he would have said to the regime’s prime minister if he was to meet him, “I would have wanted to ask him only one simple question. Do you seriously and wholeheartedly believe that Badme is actually Ethiopian?” The President’s inquiry sprouts from the fact that the regime’s leaders, through their pretentious presentations, had been presenting themselves as though they were really beginning to believe the lies they themselves invented.

Leaders of the regime in Ethiopia who left no room for the possibilities of turning back from their sinister ploys from the moment they had established their route of deceitfulness and falsehood continue to travel on the same road to this very day. Even when the hour of truth came at hand, the regime was seen staging pointless celebrations in a move intended to conceal the truth behind the boundary commission’s decision and once again deceive the people of Ethiopia. It was not very long, however, before the regime’s celebrations and all the laughter turned into cries of agony and gnashing of teeth. And the truth finally came out in its vivid colors for the people of Ethiopia that had been long deceived and the perplexed international community to see. The boundary commission’s decision placed a seal on questions regarding who Badme used to and continues to belong to. The truth revealed to the world and the people of Ethiopia that the regime, which had long shed crocodile tears claiming it was aggressed, had been the aggressor all along.

It does not come as a surprise therefore that the regime’s leaders chose to stick from the start to their policy of deceitfulness and falsehood in utter knowledge of the fact that the sovereign Eritrean soils they used as a pretext to unleash their war of aggression had never belonged to them based on colonial agreements. Yet, the Ethiopian regime raced to point fingers at Eritrea to avoid taking the name of the aggressor. Since a path asphalted with falsehood however only takes one to a no-return dead end, today the regime is chocking on the rope of falsehood it had been weaving for five years.

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