When will Ethiopia take Responsibility for its actions?
By Naizghi Zekarias
Oct 11, 2003

No matter what kind of government is installed in Ethiopia, the government never seems to own its own problems be it political or economic. This is especially true when it comes to Eritrea. Beginning from Haileselasse no matter what type of government the country may have, Eritrea seems to be their sole ticket to power. Eritrea seems to be a hostage to their political survival. Like Haileselasse, Mengstu was consumed with his determination to crash Eritrea in order to lengthen the number of his political days. In that regard the Ethiopian people are also held hostage to the idea of subjugating Eritrea.

The current regime is probably the worst when it comes to blaming someone else for its problems. It practically blamed the whole world for the quandary it finds itself in. It accused Eritrea for the last war and nearly succeeded convincing much of the world that Eritrea invaded Ethiopia. It did so by claiming that Badme was not in Eritrea. The problem is that the verdict is in and Badme turned out to be in Eritrea which means that Ethiopia actually started the war thereby making it the aggressor.

Therein lies the problem. If Ethiopia started the war on a false premise, how do Meles and company explain that to the Ethiopian people and the world. It has become very clear to the rest of the world that Eritrea is not the problem. So what does the Ethiopian regime do? It blames someone else, this time the EEBC. Without any shame Meles asked the UNSC to take responsibility for his refusal to implement the agreement he signed as final and binding.

It is time for the world body to tell the rogue regime in Ethiopia that the game of deception and blame is over.