Starving Nation has no business of intimidating its neighbors
Esayas Temesgen
August 15, 2003

The pampered obnoxious; tower of failure, expansionist Ethiopia is back on the saddle of intimidation and badmouthing its neighbors.

Recently from the prime minister’s office down to the so-called Tigrai regional governor [the power base of the minority government] are in a crusade of bluff to divert attention from the border ruling and other symmetrical positive developments.

Regarding the boundary commission’s ruling, the regime seldom stopped from using despicable phrases like “peaceful containment”; “dangerous ruling”; “regime change”; “policy change”... etc.

The blabbering of the regime at a time when hundreds of corps of its soldiers, which had been let to rot-for years where returned as a good will-gesture of the Eritrean Government, under the supervision of the UN, is nothing but the last gasp to suppress and cover-up its inhumane treatment of its own citizens and humiliating defeat at the battle front and in the diplomatic arena.

The government of Ethiopia auxiliary fantasy is to bluff with these two failed regimes, namely the Sudan and Yemen. To leak rumors [deliberate propaganda], about “acquiring a number of tanks” trying to annoy the Eritrean people and its government, who are highly engaged in a series of development projects all over the country. Particularly in the height of president Issias’s frequent official trips abroad.

It is a lapse of memory in their part for these regimes to forget the essence of Eritrea; a State that was found by untroubled; capable citizens to develop while struggling to preserve its nation hood. In which these very tripartite were the players in the other end one time or another.

Consequently this bluff was not surprising for Eritreans and their government, as a liberator of the Nation and a commanding authority.

Relatively what Ethiopia should do is not to fill cozy with this “NGO”[foreign Gov. handouts]. Face reality and help its people to be self-reliant rather to be donor’s basket.

As for every game there is an end, there will also be an end to this bloody game of Ethiopia, soon.

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