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写真展&世界遺産特別展示 大磯町にてスタート Photo Exhibition & Asmara World Heritage Exhibition has started in Oiso Town, Japan

Posted by: Embassy of the State of Eritrea

Date: Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Dear Sir/Madam, *English below 今年5月から6月に、東京港区にて開催いたしました写真展「エリトリアー自由を感じて」および、世界遺産特別展示「アスマラ:アフリカのモダニズム都市」は現在、神奈川県内にて開催中です。 先日、小田原会場での開催を好評のうちに終え、本日より大磯会場にての展示がはじまりました。また7月24日からは箱根会場での展示が予定されております。独立当時の貴重な写真の数々や、先日世界遺産登録が決定したアスマラ市街の歴史的建築に関する展示がご覧いただける貴重な機会ですので、お近くの方はぜひ足をお運び下さい。 詳細につきましては添付のチラシをご覧いただければ幸いです。 We are pleased to announce that the photo exhibition "ERITEA -Sense of Freedom" and the special exhibition of "ASMARA: Africa's Modernist City", has started today in Oiso Town, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. This photo exhibition and the special exhibition of ASMARA's UNESCO World Heritage was originally held in Minato City, Tokyo, and also successfully held in Odawara City in Kanagawa Prefecture in the end of June. Also from 24th July next week, the exhibition will open in Hakone Town in Kanagawa Prefecture. For further information please see the leaflet attached herein with. Best regards, -- Embassy of the State of Eritrea to Japan *If you do not want to receive e-mail from us in the future, please send an e-mail with its title "unsubscribe". Also please understand that the process of unsubscribing may take some time, during which you may still receive e-mail from us.
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