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Selam Dehai,
Below is an article written by Amanuel Tessgai and was posted previously on Dehai in MS Word format. It is a well-written article so I am re-posting it again in a text format in case some you of missed it. Good job Amanuel!!!
Haile A.
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Dr. Susan Rice: An Accuser, a Prosecutor and a Judge of the Eritrean Trial
Where in the world have we seen or heard of a system that authorizes an individual an exclusive power to accuse, prosecute and condemn an alleged” criminal” single-handedly without due process? The United States of America, a country people across the world had looked up as a champion of democracy and justice for decades, has now been reduced to a totalitarian system in which the rule of law has lost meaning and law of the jungle is becoming a norm.
The state department is severely infected with some incompetent and corrupt officials who were supposed to play crucial role in shaping America’s foreign policy. Instead, through their reckless and irresponsible acts of lies and deceptions; through provision of falsified information about other countries and governments, these “officials” are endangering the lives of millions of people across the globe and, consequently, causing an irreparable damage to U.S. long term national interest.
The promises of change we have heard time and again during the 2008 US election in which President Obama swore on “engagement” with other countries; creating jobs and improving health care turned out to be just that-promises most politicians make blindly in order to get elected. War in Afghanistan is reported to be escalating. There is a word of war taking place between US and Iran over nuclear issues. Tensions are running high between US and Pakistan over the formers alleged killings of Pakistani soldiers and the continuous drone attacks on its soil. America is expanding its “war on terror” deep inside Africa. Domestically, US unemployment rate is stagnantly high. There’s a severe housing crisis for which there’s no immediate solution. The healthcare reform President Obama vowed to implement is barely functional.
And then there’s Susan Rice, a woman not so unfamiliar to Eritrean people. When Obama chose Dr. Rice to represent US at the United Nations, the Eritrean people were not impressed. Her background will explain why many felt that Rice would use such power to derail if not completely block the Eritrean cause.
During the latter part of Clinton administration and at the height of Eritrea-Ethiopia border conflict, Susan Rice, as Undersecretary of State for African Affairs, was assigned to tackle the Eri-Ethiopia border issue. To our dismay, not only did she complicate the matter, she often acted as if the Representative of Ethiopian regime, echoing every demand Meles made from Eritrea. In a nutshell, Dr. Rice was hostile and paid little attention to Eritrea’s position. And now, as new US Ambassador to United Nations, Rice has some unfinished business: the total annihilation of Eritrea by all means necessary.
Below is a summary of some of the unlawful acts Susan Rice, in collaboration with Jandaye Fraser, the former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during Bush Administration and Mr. Carlson perpetuated against Eritrea over the course of ten years.
- Blocked UNSC from taking any action against Ethiopia for defying the 2002 EEBC ruling
- Worked frantically to have US Congress enlist Eritrea as a country that sponsor terrorism
- In collaboration with the Woyane regime, she coined the idea of UN SANCTION against Eritrea on the bases of some unsubstantiated allegations.
- Using her conniving power and the enormous influence she enjoys as a representative of the super power country in United Nations, she turned IGAD, a once promising regional block, into a US satellite whose decisions and resolutions are, without ifs and buts, in line with the American agenda.
- So as to strangulate Eritrea socially and economically, she once again plotted to expand the sanction, using SEMG’s reports. The Kenyan frantic move just weeks before the UNSC deliberation on the proposal, accusing Eritrea of supplying 3 planes loaded of ammunition to Al-Shabab was not an accident. It was the dirty work of Rice and Meles meant to solidify their case. This time around the targets of the sanction are: 1. the booming mining industry and, 2. the 2% Diaspora tax.
As one author put it in a well articulate manner, the new resolution (December 5th) in which 13:0 voted in favor with China and Russia abstaining, is “all bark and no bite”, highlighting two important factors: 1. significant portion of the resolution is directed at countries who may invest in Eritrea’s mining industry. It is more like a threat and intimidation so as to scare investors off. 2. Despite the unanimous vote in favor of the resolution, Eritrea is exonerated in many aspects. Several countries within the UNSC dismissed the allegation on the SEMG report in which Eritrea plotted to bomb the African Union summit in Addis Ababa. The credibility of SEMG monitoring group is now being seriously questioned by many UNSC members. The attempt to block the booming mining industry and the 2% remittance Erisporas willingly pay did not make it to the final draft of the resolution after receiving a strong objection by many members of the Security Council.
For the first time, many people, including NonEritreans, are beginning to notice the illegal and bullish manner with which Susan Rice have tried to push her own agenda against UN charter.
- To the dismay of UNSC members, Susan Rice of US strongly objected to Eritrea’s request to have its president speak before UNSC on the allegation.
- After serious objections by many members over the denial of the president to speak, a visa was issued just three days before the intended deliberation date. This, again, was done intentionally to deny Eritrea to have its voice heard.
 Dr Susan Rice will go down in history as the first and only US official who successfully managed to accuse, prosecute and try a country of 5 million single-handedly on a broad day light. Her actions will undoubtedly set a bad precedent for future UN engagement with similar issues by undermining the UN charter. Such repeated injustices against a member state whose image has been intentionally misconstrued by Susan and the likes is an open invitation for others to follow the same path, thus severely undermining the core mission under which the United Nations was established: World Peace.
As for Eritreans, undeterred by such conspiracies, our struggle in the annulment of the illegal sanction against our beloved nation and people should continue unabated and with strong conviction and determination.

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