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From: Fenan Russom (fenan.russom@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Mar 31 2009 - 09:54:47 EST

Take a step back and reflect
On all the pain and agony it took to gain our independence
Think about the conflict
Dwell on the true meaning of independence and its aspect.
A lot of our brothers and sisters died so we could live,
Many of them lost their eyes so we could see,
Lost their legs so we could walk
Set our differences to the side and remember that they gave up their
homes, their families, just for us

They fought for thirty years so we can have our freedom
Freedom to be the best that we can be
Freedom to live in peace and harmony
Freedom to speak our mind,
Express our thoughts, not let anyone suppress us.

They defined the true meaning of unity
They gave us the opportunity to have our very own identity
Because of them we stand hear proudly representing our country
For us they opened numerous doors of opportunity
But some where down the line we have forgotten our responsibilities
We have neglected everything they fought hard to bring, which was

Today, I stand before you asking you to acknowledge your duty
Open your eyes and see
Utilize your legs and walk through the door of opportunity
It is our turn to embrace and continue the Eritrean legacy
Let us learn from their selfless acts and bravery
And work together to prosper our beautiful country
Let us not separate in interest or divide in purpose
Instead we should stand together till the end
Because where there is unity there is always VICTORY

Wetru Awet Nhafash
Zelalemawi ZKri nsewuat !!!

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