[dehai-news] (DISPATCH):-Desperation of the Eritrean Opposition

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From: Sophia Tesfamariam (sophia_tesfamariam@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 30 2009 - 17:35:27 EST

This is an email that was forwarded to me and I must say, the Eritrean Quislings League (EQL) and their hirelings are showing their true colors...
Eritrea's right to development, right to food and health care should not be held hostage by a group of self serving mercenaries.
Ms. Mehret writes that
"...The US State Department has also protested to the EU Secretariat that the money should not be given to Eritrea..."-we need to check that out too.
Well, here is the email message...
From: Mehret Ghebreyesus
To: Mehret Ghebreyesus
Subject: FW: Petition on Asmarino and Awate
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 14:02:18 -0400
Selam everyone,
Please, please sign the petition on Asmarino and Awate and ask your friends and family to do the same. It is very important that we have more numbers than the government sponsored petition that is going on.
Also, please see the attached -- we are getting a lot of support from the media and NGO’s in Europe. The US State Department has also protested to the EU Secretariat that the money should not be given to Eritrea.
If we manage to stop this, it is a signal to the government and others that there is a united and strong opposition to its rule.
Please sign and make sure at least 10 other people each one of you know sign - added altogether it will be a show of force!!
HaftKum, Mehret
From: Mehret Ghebreyesus
Sent: Saturday, February 21, 2009 12:55 PM
Cc: 'Musie'
Subject: URGENT PROTEST NEEDED - Commission plans to provide aid to Eritrea despite political and practical concerns -
Dear all,
As you can see from the message below, there is an urgent need for all of us to post our protest by going to the link given further down in this message. The comments should be strong and brief.
We have been doing a lot of internal work for this package not to be given without any conditions. Our request was that they should offer it strictly under the condition, among many others, that the government agrees to democratize and function with transparency – including the treatment of everyone detained for religious and political reasons.
Now, it may be that they will just sign off on the package, not only with no pre-conditions but also knowing fully well that they will not have access to monitor how the funds are used.
Most Eritreans believe that to protest against aid money is depriving our people from badly needed food and other assistance. The fact is the government uses such funds only to strengthen its security apparatus and may be feeding the youth in the trenches so that it can stay in power indefinitely. These are some of the points that must be made clearly.
But, there is a good chance that they will re-consider if a big number of Eritreans protest. You will see once you go to the site, that pro-government voices are by far more than those opposing the package.
By the way, you can post several separate messages.
to give your comments!
Subject: European Voice article / Eritrea debate
Importance: High
Dear friends,
The heated debate on Eritrea on the European Voice website triggered by an article last week is still going on, with the pro-regime side gaining momentum.
I cannot stress enough how important this article and those comments are in shaping the minds of Parliamentarians and in influencing the European Commission's decisions. So if you haven't commented so far please use the link that has been provided to you with, read what has been said, share with your friends within the community and with any supporter of a democratic Eritrea and place a comment ASAP.
Take care,


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