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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Sun Mar 29 2009 - 05:49:00 EST

Corruption and Moral Degradation: Blights to Economic Progress That Should
Constantly Be Weeded Out
By Staff
Mar 28, 2009, 12:08

Corruption is like a sword with multiple edges. It not only undermines the
rule of law and appropriate administrative system but also pollutes the
values and morals of a given community in addition to suppressing people's
economic and social rights and thwarting any form of development.

Corruption creates an environment where certain individuals amass wealth
they have not worked for while those who sweat and toil become poorer
everyday and where capable and brilliant citizens become frustrated due to
the lack of opportunities while on the contrary lazy and manipulative
individuals make a mockery of the law. Corruption also gives rise to a
situation in which deception overrides the voice of truth and the resources
of the nation are monopolized by few individuals. Moreover, corruption
widens the gap between the poor and the wealthy, undermines national
security and stability as well as justice and people's rights, encourages
people to divide among themselves along the lines of family and other
affiliations and most importantly hastens economic downslide. Within a
community in which corruption has taken root, it is not difficult to buy off
political decisions and significant opportunities. But for those who lack
the resources to acquire opportunities for themselves their citizenship or
their presence in their country loses all meaning. But the most dangerous
consequence of corruption when it develops as a culture in a society is the
legacy it leaves for future generations.

The effects of corruption on psychological, socio-economic, political and
administrative aspects of a country being apparent, it would be impossible
to control corruption or redress its consequences once it takes root as a
culture and thus it is imperative that any early signs be swiftly and
completely wiped out.

As is generally known, the Eritrean people had been able to secure a proud
history by waging a long and bitter struggle to achieve their freedom. In
the second phase of their struggle to build a just and prosperous nation,
the Eritrean people are once again working towards a common goal by
concentrating their collective efforts without compromising each other.

Recognized for their unity, equality, sense of fairness and justice as well
as strong work ethics, the Eritrean people are now fully engaged in the
nation-building process, disregarding all temporary problems believing that
prosperity can only be secured through hard work. Thus they are duty bound
by the pledge to their martyrs to maintain the values that had been their
secret for success for long to weed out any and all instances of corruption
that threaten to pollute these values.

Our country Eritrea has yet the lowest level of corruption in the world.
Still, even the smallest cases of corruption should completely be nipped in
the bud before they have the time to take root; for if our country is to
score a progress commensurate with the huge sacrifices made for it then any
bouts of corruption should continuously be removed.

Although corruption is a taboo in all cultures of the world, in Eritrea it
is not only a taboo buts a betrayal of and treason against those martyrs who
laid down their lives for this country. Thus all greedy thieves and
parasitic individuals who have no care for the people whatsoever other than
their own thirst for wealth should not get the chance to flourish in this
land forged with the blood of martyrs.

Corruption and moral degradation are the primary blights against development
and prosperity. Thus it is impractical to perceive that one can secure equal
participation and equal distribution of resources among all parts of the
community without first wiping out all forms of corruption. Hence, acts of
corruption and extortion that are destructive bottlenecks to development and
social justice should be recognized as threats to national security and be
constantly monitored by administrative and judicial bodies as well as by the
people. And only when all government bodies and community members
coordinately stand against this moral degradation can the people enjoy the
fruit of their sacrifice and labor.


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