[dehai-news] TOMORROW- SUNDAY MARCH 29 from 4-6pm - First Eritrean History Lesson in DC

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From: Yohannes Sium (yohannessium@gmail.com)
Date: Sat Mar 28 2009 - 21:52:31 EST

*ERITREAN history speaking series*

            NUEYS-DC and YPFDJ-2 are happy to kick-off this ground breaking
Eritrean history lesson. This first session will focus on ancient Eritrean
history and subsequent sessions will track Eritrean history chronologically.
This installment will absolutely debunk the oft repeated phrase “Eritreans
and Ethiopians are all the same people.” It will start by describing the
first known inhabitants in Eritrea and how various ethnic groups and
civilization formed and migrated within the modern day Eritrean borders Most
of what is thought in the west as “Ethiopian history” is actually Eritrean
history. Did you know Eritrea has the most archeological sites in Africa,
second only to Egypt? This will not be a boring presentation about facts
and figures. The presenter, Ghedy, is a riveting, dynamic and motivational
speaker. You will not only learn, but feel, who we are as a people and a
nation. If you don’t know where you come from, how are you going to get
where you need to be?
 Future history lessons will track Eritrean history chronlogical through
Italian and British colonization , the 30 year war for independence (3
lessons), and post independence (1991-2000). This speaking series is geared
towards educating the youth but all ages are welcome, especially older
Eritreans that can contribute and even lead the discussion. ALL LESSONS

DAY: This Sunday March 29


PLACE: Eritrean Cultural and Civic Center (ECCC) *6th & L*

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