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From: Eri-News (er_news@dehai.org)
Date: Sat Mar 21 2009 - 18:58:48 EST

Press Statement: Sole Dreamers and Obstructionists
By Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mar 21, 2009, 14:29

The past 18 years had witnessed futile attempts to set up not only so-
called 'cantons' under the rule of warlords but also externally
masterminded puppet "governments" that change colors now and then in
a bid to prevent the Somali people from reconstituting their nation
without invasion and external interference. What is more surprising
is the fact that such "governments" formed under the guise of
"provisional" at one time and "transitional" at another indeed proved
to be endless 'transitional setups.'

There exists only one sovereign Somali nation recognized by the
United Nations and the African Union, as well as other international
and regional organizations. This being the case, whom do these so-
called "transitional governments" represent? Do the 'governments'
solely confined to Mogadishu or Baidoa constitute a government for
the entire Somalia? Under what legality could they be recognized?
What about the so-called "Somaliland" or "Puntland"? Are "Lands"
recognized by the United Nations or the African Union? Are they put
aside as zones of normalcy? For how long would the prevailing
circumstances continue? etc. are some of the many questions to be

The promising atmosphere that surfaced around the Mogadishu area was
sabotaged through invasion in the past two years under the pretext of
fighting "extremists" thus resulting in unparallel death and
destruction. Moreover, piracy was encouraged and stability in the
Horn of Africa was further undermined. On the other hand, the
mounting opposition and resistance of the Somali people triumphed.
And the invaders were compelled to pull out without facing

And now, the authority said to have invited invasion has been thrown
out of office and a new so-called "government" set up. Thus, another
drama is in the offing.

The usual leveling of "terrorism" against opposition forces has
already begun, followed with anti-Eritrea allegation.

Nobody would expect the people and Government of Eritrea to side with
the forces of obstruction and their accomplices that seek to sow the
seeds of division among the Somali people and undermine the stability
of the Horn region. This Eritrean stance would remain intact until
the people of Somalia are in a position to establish an independent
government for the entire Somalia on the basis of their own choice
and free of external interference.

The support of the people and Government of Eritrea to the Somali
people and their resistance emanates from the fundamental legal and
moral obligations of any people and leadership, and is mainly based
on the principle of respecting the full rights of the Somali people
as well as stability in the Horn of Africa. And as such, this stance
is not to be abandoned through acts of defamation and intimidation.

And those forces that wish to put the Somali people under their
control by dividing and weakening them through various guises are but
only dreamers and obstructionists.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
21 March 2009

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