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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Sat Mar 21 2009 - 15:13:22 EST

Effective Policies Emanating From a Just Cause
By Staff
Mar 21, 2009, 10:09

The visions and policies of the EPLF are not direct copies from well-known
philosophies and theories of the world but are rather formulated through
taking a critical stock of various viewpoints and practical experiences from
around the globe and creating a system that serves the spiritual and
material wishes of the people.

Based on this outlook, the Government of Eritrea shunned the prevailing
culture of obedience and dependence among third world countries that is
hindering them from meaningful development and political independence and
chose to pursue its own independent political and economic path. Unaware of
and unprepared for the hard work awaiting them after raising the flag of
freedom, a number of African nations have now been plunged into an
inescapable quagmire. Quickly picking up on the dangers of the culture of
dependence promoted by aid, the Government of Eritrea adopted its own
policies regarding this issue. Today, recognizing its effectiveness many
countries are emulating the Eritrean government's policy.

Clearly conscious of its responsibility to lay the foundation for
cultivating a just and civilized society, the EPLF chose to pursue a
strategy that would secure the people's vision in practical terms and in so
doing pointed out that living through one's own sweat is the best and right
way. Hence the Eritrean government set out to secure national development by
instilling a strong sense of work ethics among the youth based on the
principle of self-reliance. Giving due importance to the curial role of the
government in realizing national development, the Eritrean government
outlined development plans through which government bodies could direct and
add impetus to the ongoing efforts. Moreover, the government had also
followed an economic policy that favored efficient utilization of resources
over unnecessary wastage and extravagance. In the midst of today's global
economic crisis, the effectiveness of the Eritrean government's policies
have not only been proven right but even those who had initially made
derogatory remarks regarding these policies in the name of free-market have
been forced to acknowledge their efficacy.

The EPLF's political and economic philosophies were thus not aimed at
alienating the country from the international community as some had
suggested but rather enabling Eritreans to participate as independent and
self-reliant partners in the world community. At the time when the Eritrean
government made it clear that it will not simply adopt all the policies and
philosophies generated to suit the interests of the exploiting powers,
certain so-called experts ventured to mock such a firm stand. But the
Eritrean government chose to take it all in stride and everyone can see that
the policies adopted to serve the nation-building process were indeed right.
Effective policies emanating from a just cause!


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