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From: Biniam Haile \(SWE\) (eritrea.lave@comhem.se)
Date: Tue Mar 17 2009 - 18:01:21 EST

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Rome YPFDJ Marches On
Rome 07.03: YPFDJ members met at Nakfa House today. The meeting was
aimed at exchanging and teaching the history of Eritrea liberation
struggle to other members and discussing how to contribute on March 8
here in Rome.
The youth were divided into different groups in which every single
member took a job to carry out during theWomen's Day to come.

Selam Mebrahtu from Aquila was the first to present a computer assisted
narration of current development endeavors of Government of Eritrea
launched versus Eritrean
She gave a pictured explanation of going on projects. Selam has showed
women that benefited from the micro-credit programs like modifying the
traditional oven (now named Adhanet literally meaning 'rescuer' for
saving time, power and reducing smoke), animal breeding, collective
pastry workers and tailoring from Akordet, Halib Mentel and the only
absorbent factory -founded by E.P.L.F before independence- mostly run by
women in Dekemhare.
Selam rounded up presenting ads aimed solely in combating Female Genital
Mutilation (FGM), which show priority efforts the Government of Eritrea
has put to thrash about old habits.
Importance of Eritrean women during the armed struggle was presented by
Sophia Araia.

She presented the role played by E.P.L.F. in helping women from
liberated and semiliberated areas during the struggle. Sophia explained
the importance of women in
assisting and acting in different levels of the struggle from ordinary
fighters to leaders.
She ended up saying, "It wouldn't be exaggeration saying women were of
the main contributors to the liberation struggle."

Eskender Yilma gave a pictured presentation of Nakfa city. He started
explaining the geographical location and importance of the city in the
liberation period, the stance of Nakfa as a strong hold after the 1977
military set back following the U.R.S.S. huge interference to sustain
Ethiopian Derge regime.

Dawit Ghezai briefed on the 1977 Massawa liberation wars. He furnished a
short picture of the war in the city.

At last but not least a short documentary of the Swedish YPFDJ
accomplishments from foundation till now was presented by Haroi Kidane,
from Sweden. The short video showed achievements the Sweden chapter is
able to reach so far like recruiting new members, meeting MPs,
organizing get together for members, Niqhat and so on.

Zelalemawi Zkri N'swatna!
Awet N'Hafash!
Adu Rome

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