[dehai-news] (ON) Colonel Manos among the Recent Woyane Militia Deaths

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From: Biniam Haile \(SWE\) (eritrea.lave@comhem.se)
Date: Mon Mar 16 2009 - 16:05:14 EST

Monday the 16th of March, 2009
Colonel Manos among the Recent Woyane Militia Deaths
March 15, 2009 One of the Ogaden Online news reporters stationed in
Doolo province has confirmed that the head of the Woyane militias
stationed in Wardheer was killed in the battle of Afyaraado. Afyaraado
is about six kilometers from Wardheer. The dead Woyane militia head was
a man named Manos (Spelling may not be correct). His military rank was
said to be that of a colonel. Also killed in the same battle was the
head of the conscripted Somali militias, a man nicknamed 'Wadna Qabad.'
In related news, the so-called local militias numbering 430 that were
recently deployed in Dhanaan has yet again been redeployed to Godey.
Eyewitnesses indicated that the reason for the said redeployment was due
to excessive fear by the regime in Addis Ababa that this militia was
either going to be overrun completely by the Ogaden National Liberation
Army (ONLA), or that many members were going to lay down their arms and
ask for a save passage from the ONLA battalions that were pushing closer
to the city.
Reports reaching the service desk indicate that specially trained ONLA
commandos have successfully penetrated a major militia garrison that
bordered the Jees Guuleed homes in the city of Dhagax Buur. A fierce
firefight ensued and lasted a couple of hours. It was reported that the
ONLA commandos confused the Woyane militias by attacking them from four
different directions from within the garrison.
This has caused the Woyane militias to fire indiscriminately in all
directions. Such indiscriminate firing is said to have allowed all the
ONLA commandos to easily leave the garrison unharmed. Eyewitnesses
reported that long after the ONLA commandos left the militia garrison,
the Woyane militias were still fighting each other. It resulted the
death of about 25 militias. It is suspected that the casualty is a lot
more, but there are no eyewitness confirmations yet.
Due to the increasing success of the ONLA, it is reported that both the
so-called head of the local administration and that of the 'security
affairs' were both summoned to go to Wardheer. Wardheer is the city that
came under the most intense ONLA attacks. It is also the city that is
most feared to fall for the ONLA at any moment.
Reliable sources within the so-called local administration have
intimated to one of our reporters that the two individuals are wary of
setting foot in Wardheer, yet they are unsure if they could refuse the
order to go there for fear of serious repercussions.
--Ogaden Online News

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