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From: yohannes debesai (ydebesai@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Mar 15 2009 - 11:15:44 EST

Selam Group:
As summarized by the secretary earlier, here are the resolutions of the officers' discussion.
The discussion started on March first and lasted for the whole week with delayed responses into the second week.
The officers of EAAA have passed this resolution:
Resolution 4:1:1 explained by forth term of EAAA, first year and first item of discussion.
Evaluating the general members' discussions about the projects last year, the officers discussed on which ones should be given priorities.
Priority number one : Chapter Formation
Creating organized and effective EAAA chapters in US, Canada. and else where when possible.
This will help EAAA grow and do effective work in their respective cities/states.
Priority number two :  EAAA Scholarship for High School runners
This is actually giving EAAA money to the top High school runners every where. Criteria to win the Scholarship is based on athletic performance, participation in EAAA discussions, essay to be submitted to a committee, and on need basis. It will help young runners join EAAA and it gives an opportunity for EAAA to help them excel.
Priority number three: Eritrean Female runners development project. This project was first passed as Resolution 1:2:1 after the discussions that took place in Atlanta on the first EAAA term and second year.
Helping Eritrean female runners at home to excel like their male counter part and developing Eritrean female runners within EAAA are the two parts of this project but more help is needed by Eritrean female runners inside the country.
To do all these Projects, Money is key player. Therefore, EAAA officers have stressed the importance of raising funds. Each member's creative ideas to raise money and to do the actual work of raising the money are crucial.
Please give a though to how and where where we can form EAAA chapters.
Officers discussion part two will start tomorrow.
God bless,
EAAA officers,
March 14, 2009 

~EAAA: Aspiring to uplift Eritrea in Athletics

“It is not the impossible which gives cause for despair, but the failure to achieve the possible” Louis Michel

“Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality; the other, a matter of time.” 

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