[dehai-news] UPDATE- YPFDJ Southern Region Workshop

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From: Adiam Tekeste (adiamtekeste@gmail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 09 2009 - 16:25:11 EST

The YPFDJ- Dallas Chapter successfully completed the Southern
Regional workshop on February 28th, 2009.
The youth of both Dallas and Houston were in attendance asking
questions and ready to learn more about the emerging growth of YPFDJ
worldwide and specifically in the Southern Region.
The workshop commenced with an introduction from the Dallas chapter
presenting the achievements and growth they have had since the outset
of their chapter in October of 2008. The Houston group shared how
motivated they were to organize and create a stronger movement in
their own city; and both groups hope to collaborate to create strong
ties within the neighboring cities.
The event gave members an overall perspective of the mission and
vision of YPFDJ which is to build "niQHAT' or awareness amongst the
Eritrean youth in the Diaspora. Taking into account that a problem
facing many of the Eritrean youth is a lack consciousness & awareness,
it became an objective that both chapters would like to tackle in
their communities. The aspirations of the YPFDJ movement were clearly
defined and the goals reestablished the drive of all the members
present who donate their time and skills to organize the youth and
foster their Eritrean identities. The workshop not only highlighted
the increasing growth of YPFDJ worldwide, but also gave members an
overall viewpoint of the organization’s development and structure.
The closing of the workshop brought forth a downpour of entertainment
along with an array of food, intellectual discussion, and ended with a
night of guayla where members proudly danced while elevating the flag
to glory in a symbolic gesture. Overall, the workshop was a great
bonding experience for both Dallas and Houston and ensured the
development and growth from two of the major cities in the state of

YPFDJ-Dallas would like to extend their gratitude to all those who
worked hard to make this workshop a tremendous success.

Click here to view pictures of the event

YPFDJ- Dallas Chair
Fenan Russom

More information about future YPFDJ- Dallas events, activities, &
projects will be available on www.ypfdjdallas.com

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