[dehai-news] Voice of Eitrea 2009 Fund raising event in pictures.

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From: michael seium (michael.seium@gmail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 02 2009 - 22:14:22 EST

Click on the link below to view pictures from the Voice of Eritrea 2009 fund
raising event that took place at the Washington Times on Feb. 21st, 2009.


*11Th Annual Voice of Eritrea Fund-Raising event successful*

Washington, DC (VOE-DC): The Voice of Eritrea Washington D.C had a very
successful fund raising event that was held last Saturday, February 21st at
the Washington Times Building. This was the 11th annual celebration for a
voice that has united the Eritrean community in the greater Washington D.C
area and also via the world wide web through out the globe.

As usual many Eritrean businesses, organizations & individuals sponsored the

event and showed their full support. For the last 11 years the Voice of
Eritrea has mobilized, informed and educated the public while also defending

the interests of the people of Eritrea. It continues to this day to defend
all the evil schemes being thrown at Eritrea using many propaganda tactics
created by the TPLF minority regime and it's co-horts. This past year an
additional English and Amharic programs were added and served the interests
of the people and did their jobs very well.

The guest of honor and key note speaker was Dr. Ghidewon Abbay Asmerom.
Dr.Ghidewon chronicled the accomplishments of the Voice of Eritrea and it's
steadfastness in defending the nation and also helping to build a strong
community right here in the U.S.A.
Mr. Saleh Iman, head of Consular Services at the Embassy of Eritrea
Washington, DC, spoke at the event. He highlighted the accomplishments of
the radio programs and praised the selfless service of the board and staff
of VOE. He went on to add that the community must continue to get engaged
and support this important means of communication in every way possible.

Attendance was very good and the audience was enthusiastic in giving moral
and financial support and the fund raising was very successful. As always
the community came through once again.

Certificates of recognition were awarded to VOE-DC staff who have served the

radio program in various capacities in the last 11 years as well as to the
folks who have been working and contributing to the mission of the VOE.
VOE-DC Board would like to thank all members & honored guests for attending
and making the fund-raising event a success.

Entertainment was provided by the popular singer Mulugeta Beyn (Wodi Zager)
and the legendary Haile Gebru with Ephrem, Wodi Embaye and Dawit playing the

instruments. The Voice of Eritrea Board members would like to thank all who
support the radio program and have promised to continue to work hard to
bring the best information to educate and mobilize the community. For those
who would like to contribute but were not able to attend please send your
donations to the following address,

The Voice of Eritrea
P.O. Box 3543
Silver Spring, Maryland

*From the Board of the Voice of Eritrea. *
Awet N'hafash/Victory always to the masses.

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