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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Thu Feb 26 2009 - 16:59:46 EST

Alemseged Tesfay's new children's book
Efrem Habtetsion, Feb 26, 2009

"The book is based on an incident that happened in my home when we were out
with my wife. Two strangers came by and told the maid that I sent them to
fix the salon. She let them in and they met my nine years' old son. He asked
them: 'you know my father? You really know him?'.. And then went inside the
house and brought my picture; 'this is my father...,' he showed them..,"
said Mr. Alemseged Tesfay describing the incident that motivated him to
write a book for children that was launched on Friday 20, 2009


"Suddenly when the two strangers heard people talking from the inside, 'are
there other people with you?' they asked. When they were told that there
were relatives, they said they would be back and left," said Mr. Alemseged.

The launching ceremony was conducted at the presence of a large audience
including Mr. Osman Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs, invited guests,
children and students.

The author stated that the incident happened six years ago and he finished
writing the book three years ago. Before writing the book, Mr. Alemseged
stated that he read different books on the subject and tried hard to make
the book simple to understand. "I tried to read the world of children; their
truthfulness, innocence, their world of fantasy. writing for them was not
simple," said the well acclaimed historian and writer. Using the language of
children and reading their minds was not an easy task.


Despite our ancestors' rich tradition of story telling, there are hardly any
books that are written for children. "We really need books for children. We
couldn't even write the tales that our fathers used to tell us during our
childhood," he said describing some of his childhood memories.

The 155-page book is entitled, 'Three Friends: wrestling in Gejeret.'
(seleste aeruk: tmtm ab Gejeret).

In a book review he gave, Mr. Selomon Tsehaye, said that the book reminds
everyone that special books for children are needed. "The book is unique in
not only for children but also others can enjoy reading it. It tells us that
children should be heard and helped," he said.

I found the book simple and full of suspense; well-organized and clearly
defined," Mr. Solomon added. He further appreciated Alemseged Tesfay for the
special love he showed to Eritrean children. "I appreciate you for writing a
fiction that one reads with enthusiasm and laughter," he said.


"Alemseged Tesfay is the author of many books, including Aynfelale, Two
weeks in the Trenches, Federation Eritrea with Ethiopia, and Wedi-Hadera
which is being filmed.

His recent book was published by Hidri Publishers at Franciscan Printing
Press in Asmara and is being distributed by Awghet Bookstore.

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