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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Sat Feb 21 2009 - 18:27:37 EST

"Falling Into the Wild Ambition of a Rabbit"
By Staff
Feb 21, 2009, 12:29

Having thrown its troops into a pit of fire where hundreds of them died like
flies in the streets of Mogadishu for two years, it is to be recalled that
the TPLF regime was forced to withdrawal its forces of invasion from Somalia
in shame. Unable to stomach an embarrassing failure, the regime is now
trying to present its defeat as a 'successful' mission.

Celebrating a failed invasion witnessed by everybody as 'successful
campaign' by the TPLF regime is, hence, a sham drama generated by an
unsettled mind. Such a drama is not alien to the regime. It has been doing
the same throughout its existence. The same drama had been performed during
its war of aggression against Eritrea. When hundreds of Ethiopians died at
Mereb-Setit front, in a bid to cover up the plight the regime ordered Addis
Ababa residents to turn to the streets to celebrate a false claim of
'victory'. The reality, however, could not be concealed by the honks of car
horns and the lights from the streets.

The invasion of the TPLF regime on Somalia was not a choice made by the
Ethiopian people and its political forces; it was rather a miscalculated
streak of engagement in an irresponsible act of adventurism through the
steering of the Bush Administration. The Ethiopian people gained nothing
from this invasion other than becoming scapegoats for the interest of
foreign forces. The TPLF regime, seeking to cover up its servile mission
resorted to a false drama as if the developments in Somalia posed security
threat to Ethiopia.

The endless fabrications and lies led to the two-year quagmire until it
ended up in disgrace and defeat. In continuation of its deceptive ploy, the
regime with a view to misguiding the Ethiopian people, is currently engaged
in hopeless acts of celebrating its real failure. However, since the drama
is coinciding with the two ladies leaving the State Department, the
celebration has become not an entertainment but a drama emanating from an
unsettled mind.


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