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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Fri Feb 20 2009 - 14:56:17 EST

Multifaceted anti-Eritrea hostility and conspiracy weaved over the past 10
years foiled, President underscores
By Staff
Feb 20, 2009, 14:42

Asmara, 20 February 2009 - President Isaias Afwerki said that the military,
political, security and economic hostilities and conspiracies weaved against
Eritrea over the past 10 years have been rebuffed thanks to the strong
resistance of the people and Government of Eritrea. As such, all these acts
of conspiracy and hostility have ended up in utter failure, he asserted.


The President made the salient remarks in the extensive working paper he
presented to members of the Eritrean diplomatic corps at the annual meeting
of the Foreign Ministry that opened today at the State Palace here in the
capital. President Isaias gave in-depth analysis focusing on the objective
situation in the country, developments at the regional and international
level, mission and organization of foreign relations, as well as diplomatic
policies and strategies pursued vis-√ -vis national security and interest.

As regards the objective situation in the country, he explained that despite
the fact that the border issue has once and for all reached legal conclusion
through virtual demarcation, priority attention would be give to the task of
ensuring national sovereignty and security in the political and diplomatic
endeavors as long as sovereign Eritrean territories remain under illegal
occupation of the TPLF regime. In this respect, he pointed out that the
Government had and still is working diligently through mapping out a
strategy that not only corresponds to regional and international
developments but also incorporate legal and diplomatic, as well as
self-defense means so as to put an end to the illegal occupation and open

Stating that the political and diplomatic campaign undertaken by the TPLF
regime in order to continue its illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean
territories are but wicked ploys designed to appease the Eritrean people and
international community, President Isaias indicated that the regime’s
maneuvers emanate from domestic threats and frustration. He further
underlined that as long as sovereign Eritrean territories remain under
occupation, engaging in dialogue about any issue is totally illogical.
Moreover, the President pointed out that as the issue of Ethiopian
opposition forces originates from Ethiopia’s internal situation, it has
nothing to do with Eritrea and the border issue, and that Eritrea is not
obliged to resolve it.


Regarding the regional situation, President Isaias pointed out that
Eritrea’s enduring foreign policy and strategy is aimed at fostering
partnership and regional cooperation. In this connection, he explained that
Eritrea’s aspirations and desires have not yet been fully realized due to
the prevailing internal problems of the countries in the region and the
unholy external acts of interference which are further complicating matters.

Although the external forces of invasion of Somalia through the mercenary
TPLF regime has ended up in utter failure and that the regime was forced to
withdrawal its forces in shame, history would hold the criminal parties
fully accountable to the destruction and turmoil that ensued as a result of
the illegal invasion, he elaborated. The President went on to underline that
even now, the solution lies on leaving the Somali issue for the Somalis
themselves, and not attempting to establish a government overriding the
Somali people. Noting that the question is not which group is a winner or
loser but rather the reconstitution and re-liberation of Somalia that should
be given top priority, President Isaias stressed the need for honoring the
Somali people’s right to bring about the reconstitution of their homeland
on the basis of their own initiative and choice. As regards the TPLF clique
in Ethiopia, he stated that the popular opposition in that county against
the regime is gaining momentum from time to time, and that the threat and
frustration of the regime continues to equally mount, which in turn is
pushing the TPLF regime to desperation. Despite the regime’s current plan
to stage an election drama aimed at prolonging its stay in power, one could
not possibly predict the developments that might take place inside Ethiopia
in the interim period, he underscored.

Regarding the Sudanese issue, President Isaias indicated that Eritrea views
it from the standpoint of strategic interests, and as such it is involved in
constructive engagement with Sudanese parties so as to resolve the Sudanese
problem and bring about lasting and comprehensive peace in the county. This
being the case, he explained that due to the complicating role of external
forces and strategic perception of the Sudanese political forces, the
developments witnessed so far are not encouraging.

On the issue of Djibouti, the President pointed out that Eritrea, in line
with its strategy of fostering partnership and economic cooperation, has
been striving to enhance good-neighborly relations and economic cooperation
with that country. He further stated that the conflict between Djibouti and
Eritrea stems from the prevailing realities at the regional level, and is
mainly linked with the failure of the TPLF regime and its backers in
Somalia. In this respect, President Isaias underscored that the conflict
that is deliberately masterminded by external forces is designed to provoke
Eritrea open an imagined new front, and thereby ease the TPLF regime’s
frustration. He further emphasized that although Eritrea’s strategy of
promoting partnership and economic cooperation has not achieved the desired
due to the aforementioned acts of sabotage and conspiracy on the part of
some governments in the Horn region and unwarranted acts of external
interference, coupled with the current realities in the region, Eritrea
should look beyond present obstacles and continue to strive for greater and
sacred cause of developing constructive relations.

Moreover, President Isaias gave extensive briefings on Eritrea’s relations
with the countries in Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, Europe, America
and those in Latin America. He pointed out that Eritrea’s establishment of
political or economic relations with any country, be it in the West or East,
should not at all compromise its freedom of political decision and sovereign
choices, and that the main objectives of the established ties should aim at
fostering partnership and mutual benefit in the domains of investment, trade
and economy, as well as the transfer of technology and knowledge.

Noting that the decisive factor for ensuring the security and development of
a given nation remains its internal situation, and not external factors, the
President stated that top attention would be given to domestic tasks, which
include political and economic development. He underlined that the best
approach to meet external challenge is by reinforcing domestic capacity and


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