[dehai-news] UPDATE: YPFDJ Dallas's Eritrean Big Brother Big Sister Mentor Program

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From: Adiam Tekeste (adiamtekeste@gmail.com)
Date: Thu Feb 19 2009 - 11:22:05 EST

The YPFDJ- Dallas chapter is happy to announce their first educational
workshop for the Eritrean Big Brother Big Sister Mentor Program was a
success. Over 30 high school students were in attendance, actively
participating and anxious to learn. The workshop leaders went over various
topics including: SAT prep, career workshop, critical thinking, and college
prep. This month's career workshop profession featured an Electrical
Engineer, which was fantastic with the large amount of high school students
planning to pursue engineering present. Each month, the career workshop will
feature an accomplished Eritrean in a proffesion of the students'
choosing, in hopes to share some of their experiences on their career
path as well as giving some insight on what to expect and how to excel in
the academic arena. Many of the students voiced how beneficial the workshop
was to them. Selam Petros, a high school junior stated, "*I thought the
program was good. It's very helpful, especially for those who are freshmen
and sophomores, because they are getting the advice while it's still early*

View pictures of the event at:

The YPFDJ chapter would like to thank all the parents for getting their
children to the workshop on time and for their continued support. The next
workshop will be:
 *Saturday, March 14th, 2009 from 9:30-2pm*
at St. Joseph Church.

Information on the Eritrean Big Brother Big Sister Mentor Program
The hopes and aspirations of the Eritrean BBBS program is to link high
school students with professionals and college students in a career that the
high schooler wants to pursue- but is not restricted to a career match,
since some high school students do not know what career they are interested
in. We hope to match them with a positive role model to provide additional
guidance in their schooling. The other part of the program is a Saturday
workshop that will occur every second Saturday of the month.
*The workshops will consist of:
*- SAT Prep - Career workshops
- College Prep - Critical thinking
- Guest speakers - Scholarships & College Applications

There will also be workshops for the parents on topics such as financial aid
and how to fund their child's education. The program is *FREE* and lunch
will be provided for the students. The workshops are fun and interactive,
and will be a great supplement for the high schoolers. Again, the purpose of
the program is to give young Eritrean high school students access to any
academic and career goals they have- by linking them with people that have
already achieved these goals. In the end, we hope the information provided
will make it easier for them to succeed!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns...please contact:
*Mengesha Tekle*
Eri BBBS Committee Chair
(214) 797-9427

*More information about future YPFDJ- Dallas events, activities, & projects
will soon be available on **www.ypfdjdallas.com*<http://www.ypfdjdallas.com/>

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