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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Sat Feb 14 2009 - 18:33:38 EST

President Isaias' speech on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of
Operation Fenkil
Feb 14, 2009, 17:24

Dear Participants

Firstly, let me wish eternal glory to our martyrs who enabled us to
experience this auspicious occasion and document it in the nation's history.
I also express my deep appreciation to all those who made due contribution
in organizing this colorful event.

The anniversary of Operation Fenkil is an event that reminds us to give due
attention to the implementation of major development programs at the
national level in general, Massawa and its environs, as well as the
country's coastline in particular.

And as the year 2009 is heralding to a special global and regional stage, it
would definitely be a year that we strive to provide additional impetus to
the implementation of ongoing small and large-scale development projects.

Keeping in mind the strategic projects that I mentioned last year on the
same occasion, vigorous endeavors would be exerted in the effective
expansion of basic infrastructure development in Massawa and its environs as
well as along the entire coastline to strengthen the harnessing capacity of
the marine resources, promote tourism investment, expand and facilitate
transport services, provide reliable social service, including potable water
supply and electricity to the newly flourishing villages along the sea coast
and above all concerted action would be made to expand infrastructure
facilities in the two regions of the Red Sea in a manner that effectively
boosts agricultural output.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Although the impact of the current global economic crisis is not that much
huge, it is undeniable fact that it will relatively affect our development
programs. And as such, while closely following up the developments and
evaluating its advantages and disadvantages, serious tasks are being
undertaken not to miss opportunities. Within this context and options, it is
decisive to step up our endeavors in all domains in view of the fact that
raising productivity constitutes the key solution. It is also imperative to
improve and upgrade the organizational capacity of various bodies of
ministries, administrations, the Army and the Front, as well as associations
so as to boost productivity through hard work.

Not only for the sake of the current global and regional changes, but we are
also duty-bound to exert relentless efforts to make the year 2009 a
turning-point in accelerating the pace of domestic development programs.

My deep appreciation goes to the entire Eritrean people at home and abroad,
to all members of the Defense Force, ministries, administrations, the PFDJ
and associations for their patriotic dedication. I would also like to call
on them to redouble efforts for the successful realization of future tasks.

Eternal Glory to the heroes of Operation Fenkil
Glory to our Martyrs
Victory to the Masses!




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