[dehai-news] a view from asmara; fenkel comes to massawa and we head for paradise

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From: Thomas mountain (thomascmountain@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Feb 08 2009 - 10:33:52 EST

As Fenkel comes to Massawa we head for an island offshore, one of to many to remember its name. This one goes out to Aklilu aka Tefono, an open invitation during the cool season, something to hold on to when you wake up to another cold, gray, rainy day of misery in Seattle.

Chillin in the shade on a sugar white beach
Blue sky bouncing off a green blue ocean
Washing on brown root fingers
Holding up an emerald crown of mangrove
With cursee finished time to make the days most difficult decision
What fish to catch for our daily feast?
Yesterday it was snapper
Today grouper, emperor or arabee?
Or venture a little further out for king, jack or tuna fish?
Maybe dine a la lobster fresh off the reef?
A long lazy lunch topped off with a tall cool cup of sua
Followed by a long lazy nap
Followed by a long lazy swim
Warm water ruffled by a cool breeze under a golden red sea sun
Three cups of sweet hot bun as the sun sets
Etan smoke spirals high
As a billion stars build a roof over our heads
Kitcha and roasted asa
Roasted asa and roose
As a log of wood burns through the night
As the old men say
You will never be so lucky
As when your back is young and strong
And you will never be so happy
As when you sing
And play krar
The whole night long

Someday, Aklilu, someday
best from Sara and wedi ibrahim...

selam and rain for Eritrea,
Baba Tomas and gwal sebun


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