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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 06:32:42 EST

Somalia And The Corrupt 4.5 Formula
Feb 6 , 2009 - 4:57:27 AM


The purpose of a state is to provide material benefits to the people living
under its authority. The state, in order to exist as an independent entity,
amongst other things, must possess the ability to enforce its right to
security. Any entity that calls itself a government must demonstrate this
ability before it can be considered as a legitimate entity. The monstrous
TFG of Somalia cannot demonstrate, in any way, that it is the legitimate
government of Somalia. Furthermore, the so-called Transitional Federal
Charter is an abomination that is wholly inspired by non-Somali actors. The
TFG of Somalia, as a concept, represents an affront to Somali culture, and
it must never be respected by the people of Somalia.
The TFG of Somalia is a tool, manipulated by the shadowy enemies of the
Somali people, for the social fragmentation of the Somali nation along clan
lines. The diabolical Transitional Federal Charter states that all Somali
political offices must be divided in accordance with the vile 4.5 formula.
It is truly astonishing that grown men can seriously entertain the idea of
executing state business on such a basis. The disgraceful 4.5 formula is
nothing less than an assault upon the dignity of the Somali nation. This
dishonourable concept only exists to serve the base interest of the many
loathsome clan chauvinists of Somalia, and the Somali people must never
succumb to such divisive schemes.
It is clear to me that the clan lineage of any Somali politician is simply
irrelevant when one is asked to evaluate the political competence of the
individual in question. The clan lineage of a particular Somali politician
is about as important as that individual's height or weight with respect to
the ability to perform a specific political duty. How has it come to pass
that certain people, who claim to be serving the best interests of the
Somali nation, can entertain the dreadful idea sharing political power in
accordance with the 4.5 formula? The 4.5 formula-if adopted by the people of
Somalia-shall surely lead to the dismemberment of the Somali nation.
The Somali nation, like any other nation, cannot afford to prostitute the
nature of its national politics by indulging in the promotion of shameful
pursuit like political fragmentation along clan lines. The folly of blindly
following the wicked men who promote divisive agendas-such as the futile
attempt to give legitimacy to the flawed TFG of Somalia by way of foreign
military assistance-must be resisted by all Somali people. The TFG of
Somalia represents, quite simply, a stain upon the honour of the Somali
nation. Over 20,000 helpless Somali civilians have been killed as a result
of the illegitimate claims of the TFG of Somalia. And, over 3 million Somali
civilians have either been forcibly displaced, within the Somali national
territory, or are in acute danger of starving to death as a direct result of
the genocidal military aggression launched in the name of the TFG of
We, of the honourable Somali nation, must never entertain the idea of
supporting a criminal entity, such as the TFG of Somalia, in its quest for
political legitimacy. How can the Somali people ever recognise the
legitimacy of the TFG after a brutal Ethiopian military intervention has
failed to win political legitimacy for the TFG of Somalia? The TFG of
Somalia is unable enforce its declared claim to rule the people of Somalia,
and everybody is aware of this fact. Therefore, this particularly
dishonourable political aberration-the TFG of Somalia-must not be permitted
sully the good name of the Somali nation any longer. In statecraft, there
can never be such a thing as legitimacy without might, and the TFG of
Somalia enjoys neither might nor political legitimacy.

Nasr Ibn Othmann <mailto:yann1@live.co.uk> yann1@live.co.uk


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