[dehai-news] (Sahwa Net, Yemen ) Yemeni-Ethiopian ties affected

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From: Biniam Tekle (biniamt@dehai.org)
Date: Thu Jan 29 2009 - 15:34:29 EST

Yemeni-Ethiopian ties affected

Sahwa Net Yemeni official documents have revealed that the Ethiopian
authorities are still holding two Yemeni dealers, Hussein al-Jonaidi and Ali
al-Rafiq, in Addis Ababa since November 2008 , pointing out that they face
big difficulties particularly when the Ethiopian officials deny the
availability of any Yemeni detainees, despite their admission of their
imprisonment earlier.

The documents mentioned that the Yemeni embassy in Addis Ababa face troubles
in the contacts with Ethiopian officials to discuss the case.

" We always face bureaucracy and foot-dragging in return of facilities and
privileges provided by Yemen to the Ethiopian ambassador" said Jazim
al-Aghbri, the Yemeni ambassador in Ethiopia . " For example, while I could
have met the Ethiopian Foreign Minister only one time since I was appointed
here, the Ethiopian ambassador in Yemen could met the Yemeni officials even
in holydays".

The documents explained that the held men worked as importers of livestock
from Ethiopia , indicating that they were kidnapped at midnight and
imprisoned at a police station up to date.

In a letter to the Yemeni Foreign Minister, al-Aghabri said that the
Ethiopian embassy impeded the embassy to visit the prisoners .

The documents also disclosed signs of a crisis between the two countries
especially when the Yemeni Consulate and Expatriate department accused the
Ethiopian authorities of the " lack of clearness and seriousness".

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