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From: michael seium (michael.seium@gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jan 25 2009 - 13:45:08 EST

  Political Culture Characterized By Practicality
Jan 24, 2009, 13:00

     Choosing a long and bitter road to freedom over a relatively smooth
life under colonialism, the Eritrean people secured their political
independence by overcoming impossible challenges through unprecedented
determination. Presently, the Eritrean people are engaged in variety of
developmental activities to realize economic emancipation under the
principle of self-reliance. In the process of securing freedom and economic
emancipation, the Eritrean people developed the characteristic value of
clear and open communication between the leadership and the people. Having
led the people to freedom under pragmatic and exemplary leadership, the EPLF
pushed forth with the struggle by avoiding wastage of energy on petty
matters and rationally communicating to the people the realities on the
ground; for it had ample confidence in itself and its people.

In today's world of consumerism, it has become the order of the day to make
unrealistic promises just to get through the problem of the moment. But the
EPLF full heartedly pities those who believe in such deceptive tactics.

One of the main factors that enabled the Eritrean people's struggle to
succeed against all odds is the practicality and patience of the EPLF. These
values emanate from a belief that if there is clear and precise awareness of
realities, people can overcome any challenge. Thus any political measure or
activity of the EPLF is aimed at creating awareness and readiness. The
slogan of the struggle period that says "our struggle is long and bitter but
victory is inevitable" is one indication of a culture that believes in
taking practical stock of challenges ahead and being ready even for
martyrdom. In its entire history, the EPLF has never been heard making false
promises of unrealizable dreams just to get through the day. Its political
culture is based on generating tangible outcomes rather than simply making
promises. It is a political culture of pragmatism and endurance. And it is a
trait that emanates from having full confidence in its clear objectives and
inevitable success.

Being few in number and having limited resources, the Eritrean people were
undeterred by neither sophisticated weaponry nor political conspiracies and
fought on to defeat powerful enemies owing mainly to the values cultivated
during the bitter stage of struggle. Today, just as in the past, the open
communication between the leadership and the people based on self-confidence
continues to be the basis of the ongoing development struggle. Practicality
is the political culture of the EPLF!

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