[dehai-news] Mareeg.com: Somalia: Asmara based ARS faction leader arrives in Jubba Region

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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Sat Jan 24 2009 - 06:49:50 EST

Somalia: Asmara based ARS faction leader arrives in Jubba Region


Leaders of the Asmara-based faction of the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of
Somalia [ARS] today arrived in Dhobli town in lower Jubba Region [southern
Somalia] from Eritrea.

The delegation, led by Dr Omar Iman Abubakar, the chairman of the
ARS-Asmara, was received by ARS-Asmara officials. Immediately upon arrival,
the delegation held separate meetings with [officials] of the Islamic
administration of the town, but it was unclear what they discussed.

Some reports say Dr Abukar's delegation will travel to Mogadishu to hold
consultations and talks with sages, traditional elders, Islamic scholars
engaged in mediating among the resistance groups, and various civil society
groups based in Mogadishu.


Somalia:Somali sub-clan vows to continue with war against Ethiopian troops

Mareeg.com-The Mahmud Hirab subclan [aka Duduble subclan of the larger
Hawiye clan of Mogadishu] today commented on the situation in Somalia,
saying that it supports some of the insurgents fighting foreign troops in

Following a meeting [held in Mogadishu] by elders and the youth from the
Mohamed Hirab, which is one of the Somali clans, this sub-clan said that it
will continue with the jihad against what it termed non-believers who had
invaded the country.

The clan issued a statement on four issues, and which was read to the press
by Abdullahi Muhammad Ahmad.

[Ahmad] We thank God for the withdrawal of our enemy, the Ethiopian forces,
from Banaadir [Mogadishu and its environs]. We have in the past called for
the adoption of shari'ah law and we will stick with this. We will also
continue with the jihad against the

non-believing troops from Ethiopia if they remain in the country. We urge
the Somali people to embrace shari'ah law, which is the solution for our
religion, people and country. We also call on the Muslims to unite in the
name of the Holy Koran and be wary of conspiracies by the enemy. God bless

Mr Abdullahi said that there were individuals who were undermining the Islam
and the jihad, adding that there was no need to interfere with the jihad.

The statement by the Mahmud Hirab sub-clan comes in a time some insurgent
groups are vowing to continue with the fight against foreign troops in


Somalia:Somali Islamist group orders aid agencies to quit central region

A group calling itself Ansarul Islam has distributed leaflets warning
humanitarian organizations operating in the Hiran Region [central Somalia].
Officials of the Union of Islamic Courts [UIC] that controls the region said
that they will pursue the group behind the leaflets.

The leaflets were found this morning in public places [sentences
indistinct]. The Ansarul Islam movement was behind the leaflets that ordered
humanitarian organizations to stop their operations in the Hiran Region
within 48 hours, warning them that their [aid workers] safety couldn't be

The UIC head of security in Beled Weyne District, Sheikh Abdi Ma'alin Osman
Qodow, who commented about the leaflets, said that the group [words
indistinct]. He made a number of points concerning the issue.

Osman, the head of security of UIC in Beled Weyne District, described the
organization [behind the leaflets] as non-exist [words indistinct]. Sheikh
Abdi said that they [UIC] will take action against the group, although he
didn't specify what type of action.





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