[dehai-news] ERI-TV and more on Hagersat now 24 hours.

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From: michael seium (michael.seium@gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 21 2009 - 12:18:04 EST

*Hagersat Improved Service. Watch ERI-TV and more 24 hours!*

Ladies and gentlemen,

     Great news! from the great folks at HagerSat (http://www.hagersat.com)
for those who have been following the day to day activities of the
motherland, you can now easily view ERI-TV or listen to Dimitsi Hafash Radio
and stay in touch and connected with Eritrea. Three important changes are as

1. ERI-TV is now 24 hours. With more programming and a new era dawning upon
us information tailored to Eritrea and the horn will be more important today
than ever. Watch the voice of the voiceless and make your life easier by
subscribing to Hagersat(http://www.hagersat.com) ERI-TV

2. PAY PAL has been reinstated and solved. The folks at Hagersat have
assured us that it is now easier to subscribe using pay pal. Those who would
like to use another method contact the folks at Hagersat. AGAIN! PAY PAL is
now working and working well.

3. When your subscription is about to end, you must keep it updated by
paying the due amount before expiration date. Just like any other bill you
must be efficient. You can contact Hagersat if you have any other technical

Contact through email please email on this address
tekle@hagersat.com This email address is being protected from spam bots, you
need Javascript enabled to view it

Contact by phone, please call this number +46 (0) 704 80 24 79

Hagersat (http://www.hagersat.com) has also made an agreement for improved
and a much clearer reception allowing those who watch on their PC a better
quality picture. Those who can connect your PC to a larger LCD TV screen
will also be able to view ERI-TV very well.

Just go to http://www.hagersat.com and subscribe and you can be anywhere in
the world where there will be an Internet connection and remain connected to
the Eritrea via http://www.hagersat.com

It is as simple as ABC all you have to do is go to the following website,
http://www.hagersat.com and subscribe by following the instructions.

The cost and other information is on the website. This service is being done
to make it easier for Eritreans and others who have an interest to follow
the daily news of the region. You get to see programs that are catered to
all nationals in Eritrea and more. You get to learn the history of the
nation with archived footage sometimes never seen before and you get to see
special events during holidays as well as festivals or any major news event
happening in Eritrea.

It has absolutely been a pleasure to follow ERI-TV by clicking on


Why won't you try it and see for yourselves. For more information you can
also check out a link on http://www.alenalki.com who are partners with

The folks at Hager Sat are working on adding more Channels as well from our
region. We will update you when that happens, until then Enjoy!

Awet N'hafash
Mike seium

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