[dehai-news] "One Child Hood" Documentary on Eritrean Education and Health.

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From: michael seium (michael.seium@gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 14 2009 - 16:02:11 EST

     It gives me great pleasure to announce that a documentary about a
successful program in Eritrea demonstrating effective linkages between the
health and education sectors in delivering basic health services through
schools has been released by the World bank in collaboration with Baney
Media. The Premiere Screening and Launch of "One Childhood" film was shown
to world bank staff and guests on November 13Th 2008. In the audience were
members of the Eritrean Embassy as well as PFDJ and YPFDJ members.Every
Eritrean should be proud of the marvelous job the Eritrean Government is
doing to improve the lives of our people through basic education in health
care, especially to our future generations young people in every part of

Most of the attendees and the expert panelists were speaking highly of the
Eritrean people, Government,the beauty of the nation's diversity, and the
work that is being done in Eritrea to make sure that every child gets
attention when it comes to education and health. The Ministry of Health and
the Ministry of Education who were featured in the film also showed that
working together for a common goal will pay high dividends.

The documentary was shot and produced by one of the best production
companies in the metro Washington DC area andEritreans were also involved in
consulting the producers. The work of other Eritreans who worked on the early
childhood project should not go UN-noticed. This was truly a team work and
the end result was a success.

Here are some of the reviews of the film from experts and those who have a
different perspective of the work that was put into this project.

"One Childhood is an award-winning film that shows us how the people of
Eritrea are holding a secret to how that is possible"

"Beautifully filmed, clearly written and enjoyable to watch, One Childhood
tells the story of how one small nation supports the development of it's
children throughout their childhood - seamlessly linking early child
development and school health programs, delivered even in the most
inaccessible communities by a strong partnership between the educational and
health teams"

"We see how good education promotes good health, and good health promotes
good education"

"One Childhood is an unforgettable portrait of a people taking control over
their own health-and their own future."

The film was also translated into four languages along with English,
Portuguese, French, and Arabic and can be seen on the one DVD by adjusting
the language.The world bank has also assured us that the film will be
uploaded onto you tube in the four languages starting with English which was
posted today at the following Link for your viewing pleasure.


"One child hood" clearly shows that when ministries work together for a
common goal they can achieve success. Unlike most developing countries
Eritrea has clearly shown that what makes it a unique nation is that first
and foremost the most basic necessities of life have been taken into serious
consideration to advance the lives of it's people.

Again, the you tube link in English is as follows,

Zelalemawi Zikr n'swatna.

Mike Seium

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