[dehai-news] (PR-Inside) DJIBOUTI: American fugitive roams free under US Task force in the horn of Africa

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From: Biniam Haile \(SWE\) (eritrea.lave@comhem.se)
Date: Sun Jan 11 2009 - 00:25:04 EST

Sunday, January 11, 2009
American fugitive roams free under US Task force in the horn of Africa
2008-12-15 21:23:37 - United States Anti-Terrorism Task Force based in
Djibouti may claim to be aware of Al-Qaeda, but wanted American fugitive
embarrassingly escapes justice under their watchful eyes.
A serial rapist and American paedophile who escaped punishment after
escaping trial to Dubai has finally settled in the comforts of the city
state of Djibouti as a guest of honor by the dictator president Omar
The disgraced former poster boy of Somalia's military junta before its
break up in 1991 walks freely in front of US military men and officials
despite a world wide arrest warrant by Hennepin County Court.
Mahamud Abdulahi Isse also known as Sangub, formerly an American citizen
and now decorated with a Djiboutian passport by the Djibouti president
to promote 'Somali Culture' and often employed during rallies to
organize endless streams of singers along roads has emerged untouchable
and difficult.
Sangub is currently on assignment in Somalia's pirate city of Bandar
Qasim along with two prominent Djiboutian playwrights as a goodwill
gesture from the Djibouti president.
Bandar Qasim's warlords committed to an agreement to establish the
Djibouti port as the sole exporter of livestock to the Middle East.
Local traders were banned to export independently without having to
transfer their livestock to Djibouti's USAID built livestock quarantine
 Djibouti with hardly any commodities of its own to export is greatly
pleased with this arrangement.
Djiboutian public were initially alarmed and shivered in fear of
association with Sangub, but later were surprised by American idiocy:'If
the Americans cannot do anything to him, how can they claim to be
protecting the world from terrorism when they can't even protect their
children back home' said Gimra Essin, a local truck driver.
Sangub is a veteran of escaping justice from the age of 15 having been
saved by his collusive mother willing to protect her rapist child from
Ethiopian law. In a last-ditch attempt to save her son, she sent him on
the road from Dhegahbur of Ethiopia to Hargeisa now in Somaliland.
He had built a new life as a poet and song writer, galvanizing the
Somalian public into joining his tribal campaign to continue the
military junta's oppression against the Isaaq ethnic group.
His career was brought to an end after the liberation of former British
Protectorate of Somaliland in 1988 as he sought safety in Mogadishu. He
later joined the ever increasing flow of refugees into Kenya as Siad
Barre's regime finally collapsed, eventually finding himself sponsorship
from family members in Minnesota.
Sangub and the rest of his group checked into the International Village
Hotel in Bender Qasim, enjoying an official circuit of tribal chiefs,
journalists and warlords sympathetic to his past glory during the
military junta's era.
The failed Siadists later declared themselves 'Puntland State of
Somalia' comprising of presumptuous tribal territories across the
borders of Somalia, Somaliland and Ethiopia. 'Puntland State of Somalia'
currently serves as recruitment and a safety haven for pirates.
 Mahamud Abdulahi Isse (Sangub) : a fugitive from America, yet to be
arrested by US task force.


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