[dehai-news] (shabait.com) The gains registered over the past 10 years attest to the realization of our vision: President Isaias

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From: Biniam Haile \(SWE\) (eritrea.lave@comhem.se)
Date: Mon Aug 01 2005 - 13:01:38 EDT

The gains registered over the past 10 years attest to the realization of
our vision: President Isaias

By Staff

Jan 5, 2009, 13:02
Asmara, 5 January 2009 - In an interview he conducted with the national
media focusing on domestic issues, President Isaias Afwerki underscored
the gains registered in various sectors over the past 10 years regarding
internal restructuring and rebuffing external hostility attest to the
realization of our vision.
In a live interview with ERI-TV and Dimtsi Hafash that was also
transmitted live-online in Alenalki.com and Hagersat.com, the President
pointed out that sovereignty is a long process that goes beyond mere
achievement of independence and flag waving and one that takes into
account internal and external factors. Noting the trying acts of
hostility encountered in various guises over the past 10 years, he
indicated that the main challenging force was that of the United States
and that the TPLF regime was but a mere accomplice.
President Isaias went on to explain that sovereignty in the absence of
food security is meaningless, and thus the task of achieving food
security in Eritrea is a priority of priorities. To this end, concerted
endeavors are being which are bearing fruitful outcome, he elaborated.
Expressing conviction that hunger in Eritrea would in due course be no
more and that nobody should entertain any doubt about that, the
President called on every national to strive for higher productivity. In
this regard, he stated that achieving food security implies holding
extra food reserve up to five years that goes beyond annual consumption
needs. Stressing the need to minimize consumption and practice the habit
of saving, President Isaias explained that unlike the shortcomings
witnessed in 2007, proper mechanism would henceforth be applied as
regards harvest gathering, conserving and utilization.
He further made mention of the capacity so far acquired in putting in
place the necessary infrastructure and technological know-how with a
view to introducing modern irrigation farming. Moreover, the President
said that a detailed plan has been drawn up to raise productivity in
2009, for the implementation of which commitment to hard work is a
decisive factor.
Citing the Government's firm conviction not only to reward those
citizens who make utmost contribution in the nation-building process but
also provide them with durable means of livelihood, he asserted that
vigorous efforts are being exerted to enable every citizen derive
commensurate benefit from the nation's resources.
President Isaias pointed out that the divisive and sub-national campaign
targeting Eritrean nationals in the Diaspora is a continuation of the
age-old wicked ploys designed to weaken and sow seeds of division among
the Eritrean people. In this respect, he indicated that such acts of
conspiracy are part and parcel of the hostility and organized conspiracy
masterminded by the CIA to undermine our sovereignty. Although the
Eritrean people have all along steadfastly rebuffed such enemy
conspiracies, they should nonetheless enhance their vigilance, the
President underscored.
As regards human resource development, President Isaias noted the
significant accomplishments already scored, while at the same time
stressing the need to make increased endeavors for still greater
achievements. He particularly emphasized the paramount importance of
ensuring equal educational opportunities to all, nurturing qualitative
manpower capacity, introducing the necessary educational facilities and
technology and qualitatively enhancing the competence of teachers, as
well as upgrading the teaching-learning process.
In a reply to a question regarding the election of a new US President
and the normalization of Eritrean-American relations, President Isaias
underlined that Obama's election is the outcome of the American people's
opposition to the policies pursued by the outgoing Administration.
However, he indicated that Mr. Barack Obama's election victory does not
mean that everything would be automatically solved. The President
emphasized that Eritrea which committed no wrongdoing at all has simply
become the victim of the erroneous strategy of the US Administration.
Indicating that as far as Eritrea is concerned, it does not expect any
special change to this country as a result of Mr. Obama's election
victory, he said that in the event the President-Elect strives to bring
about change at the global level, the world community would subsequently
benefit. Moreover, provided the hitherto existing mistake are rectified,
Eritrea on her part would resort to constructive engagement with the new
US Administration, President Isaias elaborated.
On Eritrea's relations with the Arabian Gulf countries, Iran and Syria,
he explained that the aforementioned countries have since long been
persistently supporting the just struggle of the Eritrean people for
independence, and as such the relations is not something new. The
President further underscored that Eritrea does not foster diplomatic
relations for the sake of securing temporary interests or to harm
others, and that the country's diplomatic ties do not at all put under
compromise its dignity, sovereignty and national security.



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