Ambassador Girma Asmerom: The embodiment of the State of Eritrea. A Tribute by Michael Seium.

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Ambassador Girma Asmerom: The embodiment of the State of Eritrea.

A Tribute by Michael Seium.

I will not do the great Ambassador justice by writing a small tribute. His
legacy is too far from what any capable mind can imagine. I say this in
earnest to let the next generation of Eritreans appreciate the work that he
did without too many accolades. Like most of us know in Eritrea no one
person is bigger than the struggle of Eritrea, which still continues after
our independence today. However, the stories must be told and they must be
utilized to inspire future generations. I waited this long to write this
tribute simply because I was one of the few people who wrote an article
about him in January of 2013 while he was still alive even though he told
me not to. I had to tell the story of his work as a dedicated person to
Eritrea and his story as a diverse and talented individual. His humble
personality did not want any of it so I took it upon myself to make sure
people understood that he had a mission to make sure Eritrea is a place of
peace, harmony and where people can have a much better life than those who
were his colleagues/Bitsot in the war for independence. The cause of
Eritrea is the cause of the freedom-seeking world. It is an example of the
oppressed masses of our global community. The good ambassador kept that in
his mind and fought for peace, justice and the right of the Eritrean nation
that has been unfairly mistreated by western powers.

Starting at a young age as a brilliant athlete/Soccer player Ambassador
Girma won millions of fans with his dazzling skills as a world-class
right-winger by representing a club in Addis Ababa known as Dagnew. Along
with many other Eritreans he was selected to the national teams of Ethiopia
that played in the 1970 African nations cup and other events. He had a
great role and even scored a few times. Following his stint as an athlete,
Ambassador Girma decided to go to school in the USA where he excelled as a
student athlete. He was able to combine both academics and athletics and
even further pursued his masters degree from American University in
Washington D.C where he mastered in International Relations.Like a few
other Eritreans the ambassador made a snap decision to leave the comforts
of the west for the trenches of Sahel where he gave his services to the
Eritrean People’s Liberation Front. After independence he went on to be a
part and parcel of the government in Eritrea through the media as well as
the diplomatic arena. He did what many dream of doing. Not for paper or
resume but genuinely to share his knowledge with his comrades in the cause
for a free and independent Eritrea.

What makes Ambassador Girma Asmerom so unique?

Many others may have also felt what I say about my experience with
Ambassador Girma as he was a fair, kind, and intelligent human being with
an OPEN DOOR policy to anyone who had the best interests of Eritrea. He has
on many occasions allowed those whom he disagreed with to come to the table
and turned them around with an understanding so that they know the facts
and stand up for Eritrea. I know because I saw him do it. We talked about
it afterwards on many occasions. His knowledge of world politics,
geography, and how it can help make Eritrea a better place is unmatched. He
was the ultimate diplomat with a thorough understanding of the geopolitics
of our region. His Charisma and his witty knowledge to differentiate the
good and the bad in the business of politics and international diplomacy
are legendary. How could we Eritreans ever be able to forget this
unbelievable, this moving, this beautiful, this wonderful Human being
Ambassador Girma? What a challenge to every person that loves ERITREA, to
live up to the goals and the ideals of his Excellency Girma Asmerom. To the
youth he wanted them to chart the course of their actions and help build a
better Eritrea. I was deeply moved by the love the great ambassador had for
Eritrea. I spent many hours with him while he was the ambassador to the
USA. I worked closely with him on many occasions. So much so he wanted me
to work with him on a full time basis. I am honored and humbled and blessed
to have known a man of his stature. Every time I think of the crimes being
committed against the peace loving nation of Eritrea, I pray to Almighty
God, that I shall have the strength and the wisdom to measure up to the
confidence and the trust that the great Ambassador Girma Asmerom bestowed
upon all of us during our many conversations. He fought for his country day
and night without any rest. He did not have to do that. He was one of the
first Eritreans to have had a great education that would have allowed him
to have a lifestyle different than he lead which was disciplined and
focused on Eritrea’s well being. He used his education to help free his
country from oppression and continued to serve it until the last minutes of
his life without any privilege or greed. He roamed the halls of many
corrupt organizations including the AU, EU, UN and he never once sold his
soul to the devil. He preferred to stand up for the right thing at a time
when many sell themselves to the highest bidder. He was firm in his
convictions and put ERITREA above everything else. For somebody who grew up
in Ethiopia and went to post-secondary school in the USA, he sure proved
that his motherland ERITREA was more valuable than his own life. He is a
special breed. He stood by his President and even mentions him on many
occasions using the terms “My country” & “My President” to share Eritrea’s
stance on many of his diplomatic missions. He was a servant of the people
by the people for the people.

I believe that -- I have been lucky enough to know Ambassador Girma in my
prime years so let me tell you more about him. For years his courage, his
wisdom, his tact, and his persuasion; his judgment and his leadership have
shaped many Eritreans, including myself. He would go out of the way to
write recommendation letters for school or work, help out young Eritreans
who wanted to find an avenue to do work in Eritrea, he would be open to
meeting anyone that has a tangible proposal, he attended festivals, sports
events and encouraged the youth and more. He was also good at utilizing and
appointing people to do tasks that were helpful to Eritrea without taking
away your energy but making sure that you were a part of the process to
enhance Eritrea’s positive stance.

I was among those lucky ones that he called to his side from time to time.
He would ask us ERITREANS young and old alike, for our help when Eritrea
needed us. And I say, thank God that Ambassador Girma Asmerom was the
patriot that he was; that he had the foresight & the vision to provide for
his country. And thank God for Eritrea and for the peace of the world and
our region of the horn of Africa that Ambassador Girma had the wisdom to
accept the United Nations as his last stop and fight the huge battles that
came our way. He had started the work and almost finished the job until he
was taken away but his legacy and his work will continue as he has prepared
others to take over and fight the fight. Illegal Sanctions must be removed
and the very border he was evicted from & to must be demarcated. He was
Eritrea’s enemy’s worst nightmare. He withstood all adversity with class
and shared his interviews with many media outlets including a moment when
he exposed the late Meles Zenawi who appeared on telephone during a Voice
of America Television program as a caller known as “Abebe”. Within seconds
the genius ambassador Girma figured out the lying Prime minister. This is
fact and available on video for everyone to see.

I’m sure you remember these words: "Sheat Meanta." Those simple and direct
words of Ambassador Girma Asmerom reached the hearts of our people. Those
words rallied them, lifted them, and unified them. In this unfair world,
there is no margin for error and so my fellow Eritreans I want to say in
the humblest way thank you ambassador Girma. We must continue to tell his
story and also fight the fight he started to create a peaceful ERITREA
within a rough Horn of Africa neighborhood. He has left at a time when our
foes are crumbling down. Their failure is a victory for Eritrea, humanity
in general and the likes of Ambassador Girma whose work will not go in
vain. I will write a separate article on his athletic prowess but today I
want to share this tribute to him. I will forever miss him. He was a true
son of Eritrea and one that gave his LIFE by putting his nation above
anything else. It has been a few hard days for all of us but we must
continue to remain vigilant and always keep him in our prayers.

May you rest in Peace Tegadalay, Athlete, Diplomat, Memhir and Bitsai!
Girma Asmerom.

Awet N’hafash. Zelalemawi Zikri Swatna!

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