Woyane’s Betrayal of Ethiopia

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By: Berhane Woldu

The fall of the feudal and Marxists Derge were brought about by the
“Student Movement” who opposed the “Center Power” dominance awakening the
masses to become conscious. The radical conservatory of the University
student movement was home to Tigray youth who became voice of “The
Grievances of Tigray People.” Tigray province was often ravaged by famine,
drought and locust infestation. The 1972 to 74 and 1980 famine killed
thousands of Tigrians as is the famine of 2015-16. Tigray’s
self-consciousness and historical grievance against Showa’s rule, neglect
and poverty were cause enough to form a nationalist movement. Tigray youth
believed that Tigray is a nation, oppressed nation entitled to
self-determination up to succession. Splitting with their follow students
on the issue of “class Solidarity” stating that Nationalism preceded class
solidarity the Tigray student left the university went to Tigraye province
and formed the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF). In 1991 TPLF become
king maker and liberator of Tigraye; rule of Ethiopia preserving the old
system of Crops Center and peripheral elite imitating Emperor Hail Selassie
and Derge.

TPLF was not willing to be part of a large multi-national movement hence;
demolished EPRP and EDU Nationalist movements. The remnants of EPRP became
Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (EPDM) allied to TPLF later to be
called Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM). TPLF in 1989 became a
multi-national movement redeemer of Ethiopia knowing full well Tigray’s
limited natural resources. As stated by Melse Zenawa “There is nothing for
us in Tigray”. TPLF called upon all democratic front opposed to Derge to
join the New Movement that will bring an end to the Derge. Not trusting
TPLF, Nationalist Democratic forces rejected the call. Hence, the EPRDF
which consisted of ANDM and EMLF proceeded to produce Nationalist Movement
of their own; later to become TPLF peripheral elite. Prisoners of war that
were held by TPLF consisting of different Nationalities and abundance of
prisoners to assemble from were the solution. The Oromo Peoples Democratic
Organization (OPDO) and Ethiopian Democratic Officers’ Revolutionary
Movement (EDORM) were amassed and marshaled from war prisoners added as
multi-nationalist movement. The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) was offered to
join EPRDF provided they form a Marxists Leninist League and withdraw their
colonial claim, OLF refused. TPLF and its cohorts formed EPRDF the
undisputed first among equals. EPRDF in 1989 at its first congress falsely
promised that “the right of Nations and Nationalities to self-determination
up to secession”. In 1990 the womb of EPRDF gave birth to Oromo Peoples
Democratic Organization (OPDO). Changing tactics the EPRDF in its July 1991
Conference invited “Ethnic organization” negating Political organization
the new political order was “Ethnicity” divide and rule. Fragment a Nation
make it weak with no competitive political power. The minority TPLF become
the dominating power ruler of the Ethiopian Empire.

The very few legal opposition the likes of; All Ethiopia Unity Party (AEUP)
and Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CDU) were Democratic forces that
opposed Wayne’s federal system. The United Ethiopian Democratic Force
(UEDF) that represented the periphery, Oromo National Congress and Southern
Ethiopia Peoples Democratic Coalition representing Southern region
supported the federal system believing Wayans’s promise of self governance.
These political forces were marginalized by Woyane never becoming a force
of threat. The 2005 election was testimony to Wayans’s brutality and falls
promises of Democracy where hundreds were massacred. EPRDF dishonestly
claimed sweeping victory election after election. Demonstrations were held
in many of the urban cities opposing EPRDF’s claim of victory where people
were killed many citizens arrested. The opposition leaders charged with
treason, terrorism, genocide and incitement later to flee the country.
Woyane continued to face opposition from all corners; the Ethiopian
Nationalist stood against federalism. The periphery realized that political
process implemented by EPRDF retained the old power structure of Center
dominance; tightly centralized administration repudiating the Nationalists
rights for self- administration. TPLF systematically alienated every legal
opposition that was a threat to its political dominance left with no choice
Nationalist movements mushroomed. ALF, GLF, OLF, ONLF are Nationalist
movement that are waging war. Looking back at the becoming of TPLF on can
conclude that the TPLF never had intention of an all inclusive democratic
political system for Ethiopia.

EPRDF’s policy of land confiscation facilitated awarding of cheap land to
foreign investors for food export while “Lowland periphery” indigenous
people are barred marginalized and their pastoral way of life destroyed
making them vulnerable for famine. Foreign companies are exporting flower;
making Ethiopia the subsequent exporter of cut flower after Kenya while
millions of Ethiopians are dying of hunger. The Famine of 2015/16 is
endangering the life of twenty million plus people and killing more
livestock than the previous famine of 1972-74 and 1980. What has changed in
the last 25 years is anyone’s shout. Instead of building dams and expanding
agro-industry Woyane is building skyscrapers and Chinese Metro system with
no economic value. With four large rivers and abundance of water Woyane has
governed Ethiopia into Famine and shame. The processes of integration
hasn’t touched the lives of the Afar, Borana, Beni Shagul Gumuz,Gambella,
Somalia and South Omo. Neglected the lowlands are exploited of their rich
national wealth of land, water and minerals. The Awash valley is one good
example to the neglect of the Low Land periphery where the Afar has become
the victims and the Woyane elite and foreign capital the beneficiary. The
Oromo Nationality which is the majority of the Ethiopian people has become
politicaly deprived Nationality under the Federal system. The Civil
disobedience of 2016 in the peripheries is a direct result of the misguided
oppressive political system of the Woyane minority regime. The Minority
regime TPLF unwilling to renounce center hegemony and accept equitable
power sharing, genuine multi-national and decentralized state has
endangered the existence of the Ethiopian Empire bringing the nation to the
brink of its downfall.
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