(Star Africa) Eritreans decry increase of killings

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S/Sudan: Eritreans decries increase of killing

Posted by: APA Posted date : September 30, 2015 at 8:00 pm UTC

Hundreds of Eritreans in south Sudan have protested the increasing
killing of Eritreans in the country as three Eritrean nationals were
killed by unknown gunmen in a robbery incident in the capital
Juba.Eritrean eyewitnesses told APA that the three men were killed
daylight robbery on Monday in the Hai Cinema neighbourhood in the Juba

One of the witnesses said that hundreds of Eritrean nationals went out
into the street leading from Juba Teaching Hospital where their
countrymen were laid and marched to Airport Road.

Another witness stated that the demonstrators also gathered in front
of the Eritrean Embassy in Juba, where the Eritrean ambassador to
South Sudan addresses them.

˜’The ambassador urged the demonstrators to stay calm, explaining that
the incident was not done by any of the authorities in the country”
the eyewitness pointed out.

"We need to stay calm and leave the case to the government of South
Sudan, we will not do anything and we as your eye in South Sudan will
try our level best to work with the police and other legal authorities
to ensure your safety here and you have to go back to your normal
businesses and stay calm please” the ambassador told the

Many Eritrean and other foreigners have been killed in south Sudan due
to insecurity in the capital Juba since the eruption of the war in the
country in December 2013.

Individual crimes including robberies have been reportedly increased
in the capital Juba in the last two months.

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