(Neurope.eu)EU spending billions to stop migration from Africa

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EU spending billions to stop migration from Africa

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An emergency fund set up by the European Union and worth €1.8bn will be used to address the causes of immigration to Europe. The fund will assist Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

As reported by The East African, a weekly newspaper published in Kenya, the fund will be officially launched later this year in order to assist African countries address socio-economic challenges that force people to migrate from their original homes.

“The EU will work to help African countries achieve economic development that tackles unemployment and prevents migration and radicalisation,” said the EU Commissioner for International Co-operation and Development Neven Mimica at a press briefing in Nairobi.

The fund is part of the EU’s effort to stem the wave of migration to Europe. The beneficiaries of the fund are either the source countries for migrants or act as transit routes for those heading to Europe, according to The East African.

For instance, Eritrea, one of the top source countries for migrants heading to Europe from Africa, will also receive €200m for development projects targeting women and youth.
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