Modus operandi of the weyane rats (Watch out)

From: Tsehaie <>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2015 18:06:55 +0200

The Modus operandi of the weyane rats (ኣናጹ ወያነ)


Selam dehai,


Early this week I forwarded a mail to and in the evening I got a reply from a provocateur that warned me and tried to scare me by saying that he and his group “We will follow up with you and publish your identity” because he didn’t like the contents of the mail.

What he unintentionally disclosed was how the weyane rats (ኣናጹ ወያነ) operate in Dehai and other websites. We just have to expose them.

My rat calls himself tesfayohanes haile

I am forwarding his mail and my reply.





Fra: tesfayohanes haile []
Sendt: 23. september 2015 20:28
Emne: Your today's (september 3) posting on dehai


Selam Tsehaie,


Greetings ...


I along with few of my comrades read the message you posted on Dehai today September 23 rd.


>From your message we came up with few items:


1. It looks like you took enormous time time to prepare this article.

2. Your goal is clear! Wvery one of us knew your intensions.

3. Your address indicaates that you are in Norway but your IP address is questionable.

    You may live in Norway and your IP address came incorrect or you spoofed it.

4. We will follow up with you and publish your identity.


WE all know that you are within your rights to write what ever you anted to write. We do not have

objection there. Please keep in mind that is is not a thread by any stretch.


But in this trying time of our people and country we are suddened to see people like

yourself writing such divisive message.




We assume Tsehaie is not yoyr real name. But wwather it is or not, we have your IP address

which can locate "EXACTLY" who are were you are.




Tesfa and his group




My reply:

This is provocation, but since I know how the weyane rats (ኣናጹ ወያነ) operates I am not surprised.

You are referring to the article, <ዕላል ዳን ኮኔል ምስ ጴጥሮስ ሰሎምንን ብርሃነ ገረዝጊሄርን > ,that I forwarder to

I wish I was one of the authors, but sadly I am not. Credit is where credit is due and the authors have signed their document

as <ግዱሳት ተጸናጸንቲ እከይ ዉዲታት> and that they can be reached at <> .


If you had done a little effort to learn more you would have discovered that the article was first published

at <>


Had you read the whole document you would have found out about the authors(at the end of the article),

but Instead when you saw one or two names that are mentioned in the article you snapped and your auto reaction mechanism set in motion.


Any moron and any idiot know that dot no(.no) means Norway (it is country code top-level domain of Norway).

So, when you saw my email as <> (It simply means that I am calling from Norway_ you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that?)


You wrote <<<< But in this trying time of our people and country… >>>,

You could have mentioned the name of your country and your people.


<<Deleted for brevity>>


Now that you know that I live in Norway (because of the little .no and the IP address etc. and above all you ingenuity),

let me tell you what we, IN NORWAY, call someone like you … << DRITTSEKK>>. Which means <<shit-bag or Scumbag>> (both fits you, but still you are free to choose).















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