Why corruption is bleeding Kenya to death

From: Berhane Habtemariam <>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2015 17:44:50 +0200
Updated Wednesday, September 23rd 2015 09:25am

Kenya is gradually bleeding to death. Sadly, we are the ones butchering it. Newspapers are replete with threats from our leaders on stern actions against corrupt officers but over years, corruption index continue to grow.

People are using money to get academic papers. In the end, we have a country where everyone has papers that can beat Russians in making rockets yet lacks practical knowledge.

Hard work is no longer a national value. Many individuals are going for shortcuts to quickly become rich. After all, love no longer makes the world go round, but money does.

We have allowed dogs to feast on ethics.  In fact some say that ethics are building a wall between them and riches. People get scorned for having faithfully served in an organization and retired ‘poor’ when they had a chance “to make money”.

Cases of rogue doctors didn’t start yesterday. Neither will Mugo wa Wairimu’s alleged operation without a license be the last yet Kenyans pay taxes to be saved from dubious practitioners.

How many secrets can be leaked out to terrorists if one can successfully masquerade as a police officer for years? If we send Joshua Waiganjo to the gallows without him telling us who protected him or which tailor made uniform for him, we are only but treating symptoms but allowing the disease to spread.

 Through corruption, one goes for a driving test and is issued with a valid driving license within a day. Yet we carry out campaigns for zero accidents in our roads.

Buildings are approved at the exchange of money and the result is that many lives are lost as those buildings fall.

That there was a Chinese restaurant operating in the capital city without a license and discriminating against Africans speaks volumes about how porous our laws are. Can’t the registrar of companies up his game? Let us move with speed and break these faceless forces that are protecting rogue individuals in Kenya.

Government says there is no money to pay teachers yet some tax agents colludes with some companies to evade tax. Worse, some companies receive tax immunity from some powerful forces within the government.

Which hand is clean to cast the first stone? Even church which should be in the forefront to fighting corruption is a victim of the same.

We need to save us from ourselves. As a nation, we need to rethink about our values.

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