Wikileaks: How the Syrian War Was Started by the US aka Rothschild Inc. now Paying for Trafficking Refugees in War on “Non-existing” EU

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Wikileaks: How the Syrian War Was Started by the US aka Rothschild Inc. now
Paying for Trafficking Refugees in War on “Non-existing” EU

Posted on September 20, 2015
 by Anders <>
Abstract: *Apparently, there is a very strained relationship between the US
and the EU. A senior intelligence official, Stratfor’s CEO, said there is
“no Europe. We have just relations with individual European states – not
with “Europe”. This statement comes close to a declaration of war on the
EU. The NSA Espionage propbably aims at playing Europeans out against each
*Now migrants and Austrian intelligence tell that the United States are
paying the sky-high fares across the Mediterranean (up to> 10,000 euros /a
person, which these migrants cannot pay) for the destructive Tsunami
hitting Europe.*
*The following may indicate the real ringleaders of this war against white
Europe: Since 1871 America has 2 constitutions. The one secretly valid for
Washington DC, the US government, and Congress is an Incorporation contract
with the Rothschild banks in order to rescue the US from bankruptcy after
the Civil War – instigated and paid by Rothschild. Thus, Rothschild owns
the US, having it governed by a CEO (“President”) and a board (Congress) on
behalf of the Rothschilds – just like Germany, according to Sigmar Gabriel.
Rothschild owns the United States – which has to obey all orders from
above. Disobedient presidents (Lincoln, Kennedy) are shot.*
*Thus, the US is Rothschilds´ / the Jesuits´tool for the enforcement of
their NWO!*
*The errand boys calling themselves politicians are mostly Freemasons
(directed by Jesuits) – and in Europe they seem hail the slogan of the
EU-father Coudenhove Kalergi and Pres. Sarkozy, to breed a bastard race
similar to the ancient Egyptians.*
*Wikileaks revealed that the US even during and after the “Arab Spring” was
planning to overthrow the Syrian president – as told by General Wesley
Clark as of 2003. Behind the Spring and all other coloured revolutions were
and are George Soros, the NED and Freedom House of the US Congress. The CIA
arms, finances, trains and directs the ISIS and other rebel groups. Syria
did not want to take part in the USA’s NWO game, nor to have a Rothschild
Central Bank or petrodollars.*
*The US now has created the Desirable chaos in the Middle East – and thus
can aim at Europe, steering the US-created endless refugees flows into
spineless, effeminate Europe. The US wants to destroy Europe to create its
the Illuminati NWO out of chaos. This corresponds exactly to the 6-point
Plan of Jesuit Adam Weishaupt and Pharisean, Mayer Amschel Rothschild.*
*The Arabs have noticed that. Therefore, 80% of migrants are young strong
men – and just as many are not really refugees. A screaming al Al-Aqsa
Mosque Imam appeals to his flock: “Go to Europe and breed Muslim children
with the women there to conquer Europe for Allah. The women there want real
men (not sissies, whom they themselves have miseducated).*
*The traffickers have also grasped the message making posters with blond
Swedish beauties – who are said to be ready and willing. In addition,
luxury hotel stays are promised – and then free homes at taxpayer expense.
Very few want to work – because they will be entertained for life in this
Paradise that comes close to the Paradise of Allah. It is not even wrong!*
*The reason for the European acclamation to their own demise in the Sharia
through the refugee tsunami has been described by a very influential Jew,
Harold Rosenthal, long ago: “We Jews play with the American public like a
cat plays with a mouse.*
*“The television and film programs are carefully designed so that they
appeal to the sensuous feelings, not to logical thinking. For this reason,
people are so programmed that they are governed by our dictation, not
according to reason … thoughtless they will remain. The God of the Jews is
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