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UPDATE on the African woman stabbed to death on Dubai bus

September 15, 2015 1:03 pm

The incident happened in the JBR area on September 2 about 4pm.
A maid stabbed her friend to death on a bus because the woman posted indecent photos of her online, Dubai Police said.

The incident happened in front of other passengers, the force added, saying they have arrested the maid, who is from Eritrea, on suspicion of murdering her Ethiopian friend.

The incident happened in the JBR area on September 2 about 4pm, although details were only officially released on Sunday.

Police said the women were rowing and the driver told them to stop or he would call the police.“The bus had reached Marina Bridge when the maid stabbed her friend in the chest several times,” a police official said.

The driver called the police and locked the doors of the bus until officers arrived.

The 45-year-old suspect and the 28-year-old Ethiopian dead woman were maids working for separate families in Dubai.

The victim died on the bus. “The problem happened between the two when the victim published indecent pictures on social media of the accused then refused to delete the pictures,” the official said.

The maid wanted revenge and bought a knife before attacking her on the bus.” The suspect has been referred to Dubai Public Prosecution after being charged with premeditated murder.


Knife attack on Dubai bus ends with death of female passenger

RTA bus sealed, CCTV footage contains stabbing incident

By V M Sathish & Mohammad El Sadafy

A verbal duel between two women passengers on a Dubai bus ended tragically when one of them stabbed the other to death, in front of other travellers.

According to informed sources, one of the women on the bus was standing and the other was seated.

The stabbing followed a heated argument between the two.

The woman who stabbed has been detained by Dubai Police.

Some of the passengers on the bus who saw the incident will be witnesses in court.

The incident happened when the bus was in Jumeriah Beach Residence (JBR) area.

The driver warned the fighting passengers to stop or that he would call the police.

Though the warning appeared to have calmed the fighters, the woman who was standing took out a knife and stabbed the other woman.

She died inside the bus.

The driver stopped the bus and informed Dubai Police. He locked the bus until police arrived and passengers were not allowed to get out of the bus.

The incident happened a few days ago in the afternoon.

The cause of the fight is not known.

While an official in RTA confirmed the incident - the death of a woman passenger from an African country - a media query from 'Emirates24|7' was not answered.

The CCTV footage inside the bus is being examined as part of the investigation.

The bus driver is permitted to take necessary action during such incidents; the first step is to lock the bus using the central locking system.

All Dubai buses are monitored using a GPS system and bus drivers have instructions to call the police if a fight or any crime takes place in the vehicle.
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