Our Elderly People… The Things We Do or Don’t For Them By “Mela Ghebremedhin”…Adal voice..

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Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2015 16:52:29 +0100

I am in my usual deep thoughts while walking around in the city of Asmara…
I am thinking about the elders this time. Yes, the aging population that I
see wandering in the streets of the capital.

They seem lonely and at the same time full of stories to tell. I am just
asking myself why this older generation is left alone.

Who is supposed to take care of them? We often hear about the development
and empowerment of the youth, children and women as the main focus but
rarely the case of the aging population is put on the table. However, at
global level, population is aging and the African continent is not
exceptional on this case. As the life expectancy is longer and will
continue to grow, the conditions of living of the elders are not improving.
Surely, in Eritrean culture, the respect and care given to the elders are
still part of the society’s values. Nonetheless, in urban settings, I
notice that the influence of western values of individualism and
selfcentered lifestyle are slowly taking over the traditional ones....Continue
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