Blessed or Cursed? Resources and Development ” By Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion” Adal voice…

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In recent years, Eritrea’s mining and energy sector has received
considerable attention. The country has been described as “…likely sitting
on massive oil and gas reserves…” and possessing all “… the geological
features of a major hydrocarbon bonanza..,” while its nascent mining
industry has been touted as a potential regional and global powerhouse. At
the same time, however, the majority of mainstream discussion about
Eritrea’s mining and energy sector, much like coverage of the country in
general, has been plagued with inaccuracies and lacked context, with many
observers simply characterizing the country as just the latest in a long
line of resource-abundant or dependent developing states doomed to be a

Not only are such observations cursory and quite misplaced, they largely
overlook the specific role of natural resources within Eritrea’s broader
developmental framework. Accordingly, this piece provides an initial, and
hopefully enlightening, glance at Eritrea’s approach to both development
and resources...Continue Reading... go to <http://goog_670178924/>

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