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Professor of Psychology at Roxbury Community College in the U.S., Dr.
Aradom Tesfay was born and raised in Asmara. Moving to the U.S. in 1973, he
has been a long supportive member of hafash wudubat, and is someone highly
respected and admired by the Eritrean community. It is our privilege and
honor to have him as our guest today.
Would you kindly tell us about yourself?

One of our traditions is the importance that we give to “being humble” and
not to brag about ourselves. Generally, as Eritreans, we are very modest,
and not used to boasting about our personal achievements or
accomplishments. However, for the sake of informing, I was born and raised
in Asmara.

I completed my undergraduate studies in 1975, majoring in Sociology and
minoring in Psychology, and then went on to complete my Master’s degree in
Political Science. However, for some reason, I felt hesitant in pursuing my
Master’s degree in Political Science; since my childhood, I had found
myself attracted to psychology books, so I contemplated studying about
human behavior. As a result, I then ended up pursuing psychology and
attained my Masters’ degree.

At the same time, I was running an organization that was working with young
children that had special psychological needs, such as severely emotionally
disturbed children.

This inspired me to upgrade my education within human behavior, and I went
on to receive my Ph.D. in 1993. Furthermore, from a young age, I was also
very involved in supporting the armed struggle for independence.

At different times during the struggle, I visited the liberated zones and
attended political events. This also gave me the opportunity to gather
information about the status of children living within the liberated areas.

We did what we could to support our people. Recently, I’ve had the
wonderful experience of teaching at the Orotta Medical School. Such
experiences have made me a “new person” every single time.

What can say about your experiences as an instructor at Eritrean colleges?

I’ve taught behavioral sciences, general psychology, abnormal psyche and
research methods, and this summer I just completed a course on abnormal
psyche. To me, being here and teaching is really important. There is a
certain psychological and emotional gratification that I get from teaching
in Eritrea.

When you see how grateful these students are, and how they are always ready
to learn or do more, it is highly impressive and also makes things so

Aside from the economic stability that the government is seeking to
achieve, there is also a great national endeavor towards social
reconstruction that I take very seriously; what I do here at home is very
important to me....Continue Reading... go to <http://goog_670178924/>

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