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Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2015 09:02:19 +0000

 ETHIO-ERITREA UPCOMING FRIENDSHIP is no doubt exiting in disgrace sooner than later. Weyane is for sure finished. The only reason it is still there is because the empire has been propping it up with unlimited handout, political & diplomatic cover. But now the empire has already concluded that the TPLF is no doubt liability to its interest and is looking for replacement. To verify the authenticity of my assertion watch the documentary video at YouTube titled "Documentary: U.S Policy:ETHIOPIA A FAILED STATE" and here is the link you carefully watch the documentary, you will clearly understand that western empire is completely through with wayane and is certainly preparing to replace it soon. Do not be misled with the past news of Obama visiting Ethiopia. The visit was not meant as usual to prop up weyane, it was rather a well plotted scheme to meet all African dictators in one place, in the headquarters of African Union as usual for a master & slave business affairs. And thus, it is obvious that the weyane’s day of reckoning is approaching fast. Therefore, it is now up to the Oromo, Amhara, Tigray & other ethnics to come together to build on a hard rock & impenetrable foundation the upcoming invincible friendship with the sisterly country, Eritrea. As always, Eritrea is for sure waiting with its hands widely stretching to accept a real & trustworthy friendship with the sisterly nation, Ethiopia.
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