BBC, CNN, EURONEWS, AL JAZZERA…….. What they don’t broadcast!!!!!!

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*By: Berhane Woldu*

World renowned, richest, endowed with high skill and technology have
monopoly of “World news” enabling them to report most fitting to the
interest of big businesses never caring to the truth of their reporting.
News broadcasted on these major news media in some form or shape promotes
the evils that are being conducted by the Western powers. Regime changes
that went on in Iraq, Libya and one that is perpetuating in Syria with loss
of 280,000 innocent Syrian lives and mass explosion of refuges into Europe
are promoted, instigated and wrongly reported on these news media giving it
a humanitarian face. Facts are that these wars are external wars leaving
these Nations fractured, divided on ethnic and religious lines and
transformed into failed states. Main Western News media shamelessly
promotes and perpetuate the wickedness and malevolence of these powers.

Reporting on African continent Western media falsely praises’ their “client
states” Not long ago there were reports of Ethiopia’s economy growth in
double digit only to hear that 10 to 20 million of its population are faced
with dire starvation. Catholic Relief Services, Food for the hungry and
Save the Children are running around Ethiopia to help and save lives. USA
and Britain funders have allotted Billions of dollars to Relief Society of
Tigray (REST). Nigeria Burkina Faso , South Sudan, Central Africa, Mali
are all in disarray due to foreign interferences assisted by falls
reporting that sway public opinion. African voices, Focus on Africa are
programs that broadcast superficial report glorifying very few African
entrepreneurs forgetting to report that major economic assets and utilities
are owned by Western companies. In the case of Eritrea a forcefully
independent nation that refuses to sag or bow, Eritrea is reported as the
malevolent state of Africa.

Very recently French president Holland stated that Eritrea will depopulate
due to the young fleeing the country. The fact of the matter is that
Eritrea’s population growth has increased by over 7%. As much as I hate to
see people of any nation leave their birth place there is a positive side
of migration; Eritrean refugees have become one of the major source of
income transferring money into the Eritrean economy and a great majority
are supporters of the government and are ready to defend the national
interest at all cost; to think otherwise is naivety. The misguided policies
by the USA and Western governments have benefitted other African immigrants
to enter US and Europe it’s documented by the Nordic states and EU that 30
to 40 % of the refugees that claim to be Eritreans are in fact Ethiopians.
The number of Eritrean’s fleeing their country is much smaller and most are
in search of greener pasture. President Holland’s statement is outrages,
undiplomatic and much further from the truth. What World media doesn’t
broadcast is their dirty laundry case in point: France is the major
beneficiary of African wealth the “Colonial tax system” transfers over 500
billion dollars from African to France’s treasury every year.

* “We have to be honest, and acknowledge that a big part of the money in
our banks come from the exploitation of the African Continent” Former
French President Jacques Chirac*

The World largest News media never reports about the economic exploitation
of Western Colonial powers. They are keen in reporting how superficially
countries in Africa are showing economic progress. “Without Africa, France
will slide down into the rank of a third world power” Jacques Chirac former
French President. 14 African countries still pay colonial tax to France for
the benefit these countries got from French colonization. I cannot
understand how one can benefit from slavery become rich and pay your master
tax. Adding salt to injury; the Francophone Africa is forced to put 85% of
their foreign reserve into France central bank managed by French minister
of Finance. This colonial system puts 500 billion dollars from Africa to
France treasury every year. The colonization continuation pact agreed upon
in 1950 has many components. National reserves are to be deposited into
France Central bank without their wish yet most of these countries claim to
be “Democratic Nations” Senegal, Cameroon, Gabon, and Ivory Coast are a few
examples. Francophone Africa is obliged to keep at least 65% of its foreign
exchange reserves in an “operation account” held at the French Treasury and
another 20% to cover financial liabilities. Only 15% of the money is
available in the preceding year. This means that 85% of the foreign
reserves of Francophone countries are deposited in the “operation accounts”
controlled by French Treasury invested in Paris Bourse to the benefit of
the French. Central banks of African states are not aware of where these
funds are invested; how the investments are performing. Only 15% of the
money is available in a given year. If the countries need more they have to
borrow the extra money from the 65% of their own money and only 20% of
their public revenue in the preceding year at commercial rates from the
French Treasury.

The “Right of first refusal” on National Wealth; meaning that France has to
negate for other countries to extract minerals and doing business in the
ex-colonies French companies have the right regardless of better value for
money elsewhere. In many of French ex-colonies major economical assets are
in the hands of French expatriates. For example French companies own and
control all major utilities: electricity, telephone, transport and major
fincial institutions, construction and agro-businesses. Militarily France
is dominate it has the right to pre-deploy troops on the ground and
intervene militarily in Francophone countries to defend its interest and to
station troops permanently in bases and military facilities like it has in
Mali and doesn’t allow its ex-colonies to seek other military alliances.
While exploiting their ex-colonies Western Countries like France are
advocating for superficial, shallow and phony democracy in Africa
propagated by their massive news media. The pope touring Africa has talked
about religious tolerance, Government corruption, ethnic violence exempting
the call for Western colonizers to give back African’s their rightly wealth
and to advise and enlighten France that it should end its evil Colonial tax

Compared to what Francophone Africa provides France its no wander the
Western media is keen in bashing Eritrea calling it the “hermit Kingdom” or
Africa’s North Korea.” Because of its repudiation not to be the” Cash Cow
of the West” Eritrea has been labeled and branded as the malevolent state
of Africa. Eritrea preferring sovereignty in poverty than lavishness in
slavery is cogently independent nation that refuses to sag or bow to
Western domination. A lesson that other African State need to learn.
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