CIA and its Client States Force of Destabilization:

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*By: Berhane Woldu*

The peace loving nation of Eritrea was sanctioned unlawfully by the
Security Council on bogus fictitious allegation that “Eritrea arms al
Shabab in Somalia” and contention that there is a border dispute between
Eritrea and Djibouti. Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) experts and
diplomatic personnel have time and again stated that they have not found a
shred of evidence of Eritrea’s arm support to Al-Shabab. In regards to the
boarder issue with Djibouti it has been agreed, and both leaders have
signed to the Qatari mediation process to resolve the border issues; *if
indeed there is a border issue*. It’s evident that the support to al Shaba
and Djibouti border problems are “cooked” by the US state department. Members
of the UN Security Council accepting the unwarranted accusation are in
agreement to lift the sanction except the USA. Why then is the US state
department so adamant and unyielding about lifting the unlawful sanction?
Simple answer the US state department does not like the self-confidence
that the Eritrean nationals are endowed with. The intricate answer: the
“all mighty USA “Uni-Polar” is flexing its muscle to subjugate poor
countries like Eritrea, by political dominance, accommodating US as a
client state, and take their National Wealth for cheap. Eritrea a young
African Nation is being punished for resisting dominance by the United
State. It’s clearly stated by evidence supplied by many news organizations,
“Wikiliks” as well as books like “The Way of The Knife” by Mark Mazzetti
which describes the activities of the CIA and Pentagon with order from the
White House who Wage secret war in as many places as possible sometimes
outsourced war using proxy forces and warlords to achieve the goal of
“Destabilization of Nation States”.

According to Mazzetti; traditional wartime chain of command passing from
the White House to the secretary of defense to a four-star commander with a
staff of hundreds to build and execute a war plan had quietly been
circumvented. CIA is now a military command running a clandestine, global
war with a skeleton staff and very little oversight. Only small groups at
the White House are overseeing decisions about who should be over thrown
from power, captured, who should be killed, and who should be spared.

The American people and their law makers have tried to deprive their war
mongering presidents from engaging in war by introducing laws that is
congruent with the American value. However these laws were not adhered and
are over ruled by the Executive Power. Intelligence Authorization Act 0f
1991 mandated that all covert actions be authorized by a written
presidential finding and be known to the House and Senate intelligence.
This law doesn’t apply to the Pentagon. After 9-11 Congress gave president
Bush a sweeping mandate “Authorization for Use of Military Force” Donald
Rumsfeld defense secretary exploited these new power to invade Iraq
claiming “weapon of mass destruction” and hunt al Qaeda over a large mass
of land to “Find and Kill” terrorists. In 2004 Rumsfeld introduced the “Al
Qaeda Network Execute Order” which expanded the power of special-operation
troops to kill, capture, and spy in more than dozens countries. The order
gave Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) broad authority to launch
operation across an arc of territory from North Africa to the Philippines.
It allowed JSOC into Syria, Somalia and Pakistan with budget of 8 billion
dollars with no oversight. In 2004 there was a plan for a paramilitary hit
squad to kill terror suspects across the globe that was approved by Dick
Cheney. In 2004 Black water a private military company with millions of
dollars in contract from the State department, the Pentagon, and CIA was
awarded the killing program. CIA outsourced secret mission, to intelligence
gathering, to snatch and grab operation that once had been reserved for
fully trained CIA employees.

CIA documents reveal that; the Bush administration convinced that Somalia
was a problem turned to CIA to find a proxy army to fight for Mogadishu.
Remembering Black Hawk Down episode of 1993 battle for Mogadishu US army
was in no mood to go into Somalia. So was born the Alliance for the
Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (ARPCT) the warlords. By spring
2006, the CIA operatives in Nairobi Kenya, were loading unmarked cargo
planes with rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, and AK-47s and flying the
shipments to airstrips controlled by Somali warlords. Along the weapons
they sent suitcases full of cash, about two hundred thousand dollars
($200,000) for each warlord as payment for their services in fighting
against terrorism. As early as 2008 MV Faina, a Ukrainian-owned merchant
ship steamed towards Mombasa, Kenya was taken over by Somalia pirates
carrying a clandestine cargo; Russian T-72 tanks, grenades, and an arsenal
of antiaircraft guns that was owned by Kenyan Government to arm militias in
Southern Sudan in their fight against the government in Khartoum a
violation of a UN arms embargo. These arm shipments clearly show who is in
violation of UN arm embargo and who is involved in destabilizing Nation

In Somalia Hassan Dahir Aweys led the shura council of Somalia’s Islamic
Courts Union, a loose federation of clan elders, businessmen, and tycoons
who had joined together to bring order to Somalia’s chaos by imposing
Islamic sharia law. Awyes was on the CIA list linked to al Qaeda cell in
East Africa; al Shabaab’s who were conservative were also linked to al
Qaeda. The Somalia with their moderate Sufism was not compatible with
Wahhabi Al Qaeda. CIA’s covert operation Balkanized Somalia the population
embraced the Islamic Courts Union who brought peace to Mogadishu. Jendayi
Frazer of State Department who I think did a second-rated job in African
relations bluntly labeled the ICU who have brought calm to the country as
“terrorist” and linked ICU to al Qaeda. In 2009 the Obama administration
with a UN embargo in place was able to deliver weapons to the Somalia TFG.
These weapons then sold in Mogadishu weapons bazaars American M16s were
sold for $95.00 AK-47 for $5.00 “Somalia became an all-embracing free fire
zone” these weapons were readily available to al Shabaab fighters. One can
construe it was CIA who unintentionally armed al Shabbab and not Eritrea.

Further into his book Mazzetti states: With long animosities between
Ethiopia and Somalia Ethiopia presenting it’s self as a Christian state was
taken as natural allies for the US. TPLF and EPRDF leadership serving their
fincial interest have turned the Ethiopian nation as client State of the
super powers; having failed with the Warlords Ethiopian army became
America’s new proxy force in Somalia. General John Abizaid , of Central
Command went to Addis Ababa and assured the Ethiopian officials of all the
help they needed. An American official stationed in Addis in 2006 stated
that “we are getting the Ethiopians fight our war”. The Ethiopian invasion
provided cover for American commando missions into Somalia. Navy Seabees
who were in Ethiopia supposedly there for humanitarian mission were used as
a cover for arm supply. Navy SEAL’s and Delta Force commandos in
conjunction with the Pentagon’s spying unit Task Force Orange entered into
Somalia as the Ethiopian army in January 2007 drove their tanks into
Somalia. Special-operation troop’s clandestine missions in Somalia aided
the Ethiopian offensive which brought about the retreat of Islamic Courts.
But the JSOC mission failed to capture or kill the Islamist or al Qaeda.
The Ethiopian occupation brought misery looting and rape become a daily
affair these angered the Somalia population which helped the al Shabaab
recruit as far as Minnesota USA.

It’s clear to the blind eye that the “Uni-polar super power” USA is the
force of destabilization with assistance from client states like Ethiopia.
Eritrea is an innocent by standard who has refused to be a client state to
serve the interest of super powers and for that it is paying a high price.
People of Eritrea and the Government in no way shape or form will curvature
or scum to the power of the all mighty USA; as always the people of Eritrea
in unison and concomitantly will overcome these challenges.
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